Support Immune Health in Two Steps: Modulate Gut Bacteria & Neutralize Inflammation – Just Thrive Health – #677

Spore-based probiotics and IgG antibodies are the tag team of the gut microbiome.

In this episode, my guests Tina Anderson, co-founder and CEO of Just Thrive Health and research microbiologist Kiran Krishnan have returned with updated research and new developments in how to treat and care for the human microbiome.

Tina is a former lawyer who found her life’s work in the field of natural health by creating a unique probiotic supplement company. Kiran is a research microbiologist with particular interest in gut commensal spore bacteria. “In the gut, diversity is paramount to health,” he says. “Diversity in the gut will dictate how long you live. It has a huge impact on your longevity.”

You may know about probiotics, and you may even take them, but do you know why they work and how they support your immune system? Probiotics help immensely. But not just any probiotic—you want to use spore-based. And Tina and Kiran can tell you why bacteria and probiotics are frenemies of the best kind.

“One of the things that the spores do is they will flag our own cells that are infected with viruses so that our immune system can recognize them,” Kiran says.

And then there are the IgG antibodies that protect the body from infection. “IgG being these intelligent drones that you can send in that go around and find the mold toxin, find the bacterial particles, find the C. diff toxin,” Kiran says. “They neutralize all of these things that are driving the inflammatory process in the gut and get rid of them.”

Essentially, the gut steers the ship of your health. As researchers find out more about the human microbiome—how it operates and how it responds—we’re finding solutions to what ails our human body and brain systems.

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Follow Along with the Transcript

Support Immune Health in Two Steps- Modulate Gut Bacteria & Neutralize Inflammation – Just Thrive Health – #677


Key Notes

  • What is the new research in the probiotic field? 04:30
  • The reason that led Tina to the decision to stop being an attorney and become a gut bacteria hacker 05:20
  • Defining what is and isn’t a probiotic 09:45
  • What are the common strains of probiotics 13:38
  • Why is the probiotic strain in Just Thrive different than the more common probiotics out there? 17:30
  • Dave goes over the four F words 21:50
  • What happens with Quorum sensing? 24:00
  • What do probiotics do for viruses in the human body 27:45
  • Cool connection between different species of gut bacteria and your ability to resist viral infection 32:20
  • Looking at the difference between eating butyric acid vs. onboard production 33:40
  • How does fasting increase butyric acid production? 36:50
  • The microbiome cloud 39:15
  • The role of the mucosal layer 45:00
  • The vaginal microbiome 49:25
  • The problem with the penis 56:00
  • How do you put antigens on tetanus 1:00:00
  • The role of leaky gut in HIV progression to AIDS 1:04:30
  • What is Ultimate IGG doing? 1:08:15
  • Happy cows and BSA 1:10:30
  • Gut mitochondria is a new area of research being explored 1:15:00
  • Is there interest in creating a young poop line for fecal transplants for anti aging? 1:20:00
  • Eat a ton of vegetables 1:24:20
  • The affect the microbiome has on our overall health 1:25:20

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