Kerrygold Introduces A Questionable New Butter

Press Release: Kerrygold Introduces Reduced Fat and Naturally Softer Create New Functional Category for Real Butter

Kerrygold is creating a new functional category for real butter with the introduction of Kerrygold Naturally Softer Pure Irish Butter for easy spreading and Kerrygold Reduced Fat Irish Butter, with 25 percent less fat and 50 percent less sodium. Unlike current butter-type spreads, these premium butters contain no additives.

Kerrygold Reduced Fat Butter

Luxuriously rich-tasting, Kerrygold Reduced Fat Irish Butter, with 25% less fat and 50% less sodium than traditional butter, tastes like full-fat butter, retaining the same unctuous mouthfeel and luscious flavor qualities. Research shows that consumers want healthful, indulgent, premium food products. Kerrygold Reduced Fat Butter meets these conflicting demands without resorting to the use of additives such as vegetable oil blends or butter flavoring, ensuring a delicious, natural, functional butter option.

Hmm…”conflicting demands” indeed.

There are a lot of different kinds of butter out there, companies create products to meet the demand of their customers.  This demand in particular comes from customers who are under the false assumption that butter is bad. Sometimes the customer (and even the USFDA) isn’t always right.

infographic on the health benefits of grassfed butter

Low-fat is not the Bulletproof answer.  A low-fat version of grass-fed butter is not healthier, and way less efficient for eating that grass-fed buttery goodness.  Unsalted grass-fed Kerrygold contains 82% butter fat, whereas their lower-fat version only contains 60% butter fat.

There are many benefits of full fat grass-fed butter.  Check out this infographic for why not all butter is created equal:

Kerrygold butter that is most Bulletproof® compliant is their unsalted, cultured, silver label.  Their salted, uncultured, gold label butter is fine too and is good for cooking, but not good for coffee, because salted coffee is a crime (although it will do in a pinch). All Kerrygold butter (the new lower-fat option included) is better than standard grain-fed better. Grass-fed butter has a more robust nutrient profile, as well as improved texture and taste.

And if standard grain-fed butter isn’t great, fake butter like margarine is a disaster. Margarine is typically made of industrial vegetable oils that have been superheated and pressurized until they hydrogenate, becoming solid at room temperature. Margarine usually has dangerous trans fats and is oxidized and inflammatory. It also often looks and tastes disgusting after hydrogenation, so manufacturers add artificial butter flavoring and yellow coloring. Yuck. Why go to all that trouble when you could just eat good old Kerrygold or an equally reputable grass-fed butter?




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