Recalibrate Yourself with Quantum Energy

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling

Scientific studies prove the benefits of quantum energy frequencies on body function, cellular voltage and chakra energy.



In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… you’re going to learn about quantum energy and the science behind how and why it works.

You may be searching for, exploring or already working on energy, balance and a quality of life that resonates with purpose. Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling can relate.

At the same time he managed a successful international business career, he worked through blockages and barriers that prevented him from connecting with his true self. Through that work, he began to see energy fields and developed his unique healing skills. He left the international corporate world behind to become a conscious entrepreneur, alpha chi teacher and energy healer. 

He founded Leela Quantum Tech to further develop and share the power of quantum energy. Quantum energy fields are different from harmful EMFs you’re told to avoid. Here are a few of the benefits of quantum energy, also known “frequency medicine.”

  • Improves your blood and cellular health
  • Increases your fitness level and speeds up recovery
  • Intensifies the taste of your food and extends its shelf life
  • Eases pain and activates your own inner healer
  • Improve the quality of your water at home and on the road.
  • Helps you become more resistant to stress and more efficient in your daily tasks
  • Prevents exhaustion so you’re able to focus better
  • Allows you to worry less and enjoy the moment

“Most of us have forgotten who we are, and right now is actually a huge shift for all humanity where people are waking up to, 'Wow, I have this inner force, this inner power that's within me.'"

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling

But how can quantum energy and specific frequencies have such a powerful effect on humans, animals and even plants? Philipp looked to science for the answers. Leela submits its products to be scientifically studied by third party institutes and doctor’s offices.

“We create something until we know it’s basically ideal, but then we want to validate it,” Philipp says. “And from the very beginning, we started to do these scientific tests and studies. I could say, “Okay, well, I know it works. All the healers know it works.” But I think it’s broader than that.”  

Leela concentrates pure quantum energy in specific plates and aligns them to create a highly concentrated field and quantum energy space. Examples are the Leela Quantum Bloc and Infinity Bloc. They’ve also developed frequency cards, capsules and clothing.

“There’s so many people that may want to enjoy support like that, and they don’t understand it,” he continues. “And for them, you need to provide something for the brain to read through it, and that’s what we’ve done.”

So far, the research studies found quantum energy frequencies:

  • Block, neutralize and bring EMFs into harmony
  • Positively impact the autonomic nervous system and heart rate variability
  • Positively impact organ function, cellular health and blood health
  • Neutralize harmful frequencies like herbicides, pesticides and cesium 137
  • Boost body and energy function in 100% of cases

 Some of that testing also includes measuring EMFs (IGEF Institute) or using dark-field microscopy to measure voltage in the cells (BESA Institute).

  • The IGEF Institute is the largest independent EMF research and testing institute in Europe and has performed studies, tests, and product efficacy evaluations for two decades. They use EMF-measurement technology and also study and measure heart rate variability.
  • The BESA institute is the largest European testing and research institute for bio resonance, bio system analysis and cellular voltage. BESA uses an advanced Deka Voll method to not only test the cellular voltage, but also test the bio-physical and bioenergetic state of the whole body, organ function, etc.

A doctor’s office in Austria studied the physical effects of the Leela Quantum products with dark field microscopy and confirmed in 100% of the cases a clearly visible improvement in the blood already after a few minutes of applying the products. The Leela Quantum Blocs and jacket showed the most significant effects. The photos below illustrate dark field microscopy before application of the Leela Quantum Bloc and 5 minutes after application of the Leela Quantum Bloc.

Leela’s other research projects are studying the benefits of quantum energy frequencies for autistic kids, athletes, and people experiencing chronic Lyme disease.

This fascinating topic gets into other frequencies, too, like molecular, etheric, and sound. Listen on to find out how you can use the power of energy frequencies to upgrade yourself.


Enjoy the show!

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  • My wife was actually born with the ability to see aura and see things that we would call the unseen. – 2:38
  • How are you correlating the cool energy devices you make with the states that you talk about? – 8:02
  • Multiple Lyme disease patients would call us and reach out to us and say, “Hey, we’ve gotten amazing results. All the fatigue is gone. I feel like I’m in life again. And it’s just so amazing.”  – 12:01
  • I’ve brought some pictures here of dark-field microscopy tests, because those are pretty visual and you can relatively quickly see if something does something, and it’s a real physical result.  – 19:43
  • No, it has nothing to do with Rife frequency. Rife frequency is a real physical frequency, how I would call it. It’s also something that you wouldn’t really want to use on a regular basis  – 24:37
  • So what can you do with it? So, one thing is you just have it sitting at home and then basically provides this energy field for your whole home.  – 29:06
  • You would basically charge one in the other. And then the one you just charged is seven times more powerful than the one before, and so on and so on.  – 32:20
  • What’s up with the signal or the picture, is that like a sacred geometry, or is that your Leela corporate logo?  – 40:44
  • We go in and work with someone who’s a clairvoyant and she’s an artist too, and almost all she does is she creates mandalas and specific art related to certain frequencies and energies.  – 41:24
  • Everything that’s life and consciousness supportive gets boosted and supported if you will, and everything that’s harmful, or potentially harmful, for consciousness and the physiological system gets neutralized.  – 43:38
  • Any frequency that exists, you could put a vitamin C pill in here, or a leave of a healing plant, and put it in there with a glass of water, or with a piece of metal, or whatever you want, and within seconds, that frequency is a hundred percent copied over into the water. – 44:53
  • Would see all the red and swelling when you’re allergic, and then you’d take the same substance after it was in there for a few minutes and it doesn’t do that. Okay. So, there is indeed physical evidence across the board and we’re just scratching the surface to be honest, as far as that goes.  – 46:13
  • I’m there helping to facilitate. And then we use the technology to press it into these cards and duplicate it and all that.  – 49:26
  • We have a whole bio base card, actually, that in this H.E.A.L. capsules, that frequency is included. It’s about 78 different minerals and vitamins.  – 51:19
  • Ian Mitchell is actually working on a science paper right now, which goes a little bit more into scientific depth about how it works.  – 57:13

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