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EPISODE # 1053

Unlock Your Limitless Potential & Unleash Your Inner Peace

Legacy Upgrade ft. Genpo Roshi

Debunk the countless myths surrounding self-care, inner work, and healthy relationships and discover the truth with the guidance of a renowned mindfulness teacher.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Genpo Roshi, the respected spiritual leader with a wealth of experience in Zen practice and personal growth, is back in this legacy upgrade episode.

At the age of 26, Genpo Roshi experienced a profound awakening while contemplating his life in the Mojave Desert, which led him on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. Over the years, Genpo has developed a unique approach to meditation, combining traditional Zen teachings with voice dialogue work, which he has been practicing since 1984, under the guidance of Hal Stone.

With a focus on self-care, inner work, and healthy relationships, Genpo is dedicated to helping others achieve true happiness and realize their full potential.

In this episode, you will uncover the wisdom behind Genpo Roshi’s views on Zen and meditation on your path towards enlightenment. Master the skills of non-judgmental relaxation techniques to enhance inner peace. Combine the power of deep relaxation, Big Mind process, and koan practice for a holistic meditation experience. Discover the keys to lasting happiness by embracing freedom and giving up the pursuit of external factors.

Listen in to learn how to cultivate personal growth through self-care practices, valuable introspection, and fostering healthy relationships.

"Allowing is the key word, allowing it to happen. Allowing yourself to be allowing things to manifest rather than seeking or trying or efforting. "

Genpo Roshi

In this legacy upgrade:

  • Explore the profound teachings of Zen practice and meditation from renowned master Genpo Roshi.

  • Learn calming and impartial meditation techniques to achieve ultimate relaxation.

  • Integrate deep relaxation, Big Mind approach, and koan practice for a well-rounded, transformative meditation practice.

  • Unveil the secrets to sustainable happiness by understanding the significance of letting go and nurturing inner freedom.

  • Dedicate yourself to self-improvement through nourishing self-care, thoughtful inner work, and thriving relationships.

Enjoy the show!

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  • Dave introduces the guest, Genpo Roshi, a spiritual leader who has been doing this work longer than any Westerner.
  • Genpo Roshi’s experience in the Mojave Desert in 1971 where he had a profound realization that changed his life forever.
  • The concept of Big Mind, where we can tap into altered states of consciousness just by asking to speak to it, allowing us to manifest an enlightened state or presence.
  • The five stages towards enlightenment and how it took him many years to achieve true happiness, which come from understanding, realization, and letting go of the ego.
  • Genpo Roshi talks about his second descent in 2011 where he lost everything and had to find a new way of meditating, which involves sitting in a chair, relaxing the body, and taking deep breaths.
  • A walk-through of deep breathing exercises, emphasizing the importance of long exhales and counting each breath.
  • The importance of having no judgment or preference in meditation.
  • Meditation practice as a way to relax on a cellular level and overcome inner conflicts.
  • The three essential components of his meditation practice: deep, relaxed meditation; big mind work; and koan practice.
  • The importance of expressing an experience in a live, vibrant way as opposed to a dead, conceptualized way.
  • Being in a loving, supportive relationship with oneself or with a partner. Complete honesty and transparency, working together, and growing and supporting one another are key factors.
  • How a good relationship can increase happiness, but it takes work and effort to achieve financial stability and deal with inner conflict.
  • Celibacy and the belief that sex and sexual relations can be problematic and there may be an appropriate time for celibacy.
  • Three pieces of advice to perform better as a human being- own every voice, be kinder and more compassionate and have great faith.
  • Why you should have faith but not disown doubt and should come from a place of great faith but also question everything.
  • Where to Find More about Genpo Roshi
  • The achievable factors for happiness- financial stability, and dealing with inner conflict.

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