Free to Choose: Your Guide to Personalized Longevity Medicine

Andrew Wax - Liv Health

Discover a new concierge model of medical care that’s completely custom, affordable and built for advanced humans.



In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… you’ll learn about a new model of healthcare focused on personalized longevity medicine. This custom telemedicine solution uses your own data to reach goals you have for the quality and length of your life.

Andrew Wax, an Integrative Health Specialist and Director of Clinical Care at Liv Health, joins the show to walk you through the Liv Health model that’s putting people in control of their own medical care.

Do any of these statements apply to you?

  • You consider yourself a biohacker
  • You’re looking for a greater degree of medical freedom
  • You want more customized care than you’re getting from your primary care doctor
  • You’ve been on a medical protocol and have stopped making progress or seeing results

If you’re age 18 to 85 (and older) and want to target sleep, cognition, body composition, nutrition, fitness, hormones, immunity, or gut health –  Liv Health’s precision medicine approach may be right for you.

“You go to your primary care doctor, they're not trying to keep you healthy. They're just trying to make you not sick. Not sick is not a healthful state. It's simply just not sick."

Andrew Wax

Andrew’s extensive experience includes working with patients and physicians to develop anti-aging and regenerative protocols. He’s earned multiple degrees in the areas of physiology, biochemistry, psychology, and a certificate of neuroscience. He’s certified in peptide therapies and is the former director of the Medically Managed Peptide Program at the Boulder Longevity Institute.

He and the entire Liv Health team bring related education and experience to Liv Health, where care includes hormones, peptides, novel small molecule drugs, supplements, fitness, nutrition, and other lifestyle interventions.

“We work with people on a one-on-one basis and achieve what a lot of these algorithmic companies are trying to do,” Andrew explains. “We’re working with people to develop a protocol. What do I take? When do I take it? Should I be taking supplements, hormones? What kind of fitness should I be engaging in? What kind of lifestyle changes should I make? We help people implement those things.”

In short, Liv Health is goal-based medicine. You come in with a goal, and your Liv Personal Performance Team (PPT) creates the path to get you there. You get a step-by-step guide to custom-curated protocols and treatments based on your individual data. Your PPT includes a patient support coordinator, health concierge and doctor.

A few of the things that make Liv Health a uniquely different choice:

  • Trained medical and educational partners who respect that you control your own biology
  • Custom lab work based on your health goals with fully explained results
  • Direct integrations with your favorite wearables (like the Oura ring)
  • High-end products and supplements sourced specifically for you
  • Recommendations on how to build custom stacks and then robust tutorials on how to use and cycle

It’s important to note that Liv Health services don’t replace general medical care from your primary care doctor. Consider Liv a supplemental service that helps you target particular longevity goals.

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Liv Health telemedicine care currently is available across the U.S. Liv Canada will be operational in the coming months of 2022 and international access is in the works.

Enjoy the show!

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  • We’re essentially telemedicine in longevity resources. So anything you need whenever you need it in a concierge format, but with access to the doctors who know what they’re doing and a team of people who knows what they’re doing to help you live a longer life.  – 2:54
  • In this model we allow our doctors to not only see more patients and work with more people, but we give a better degree of care, because I am the concierge. We’re your personal accountability partner, your personal performance team. .  – 7:53
  • A CMP, comprehensive metabolic panel, check your liver functions, your kidney functions, electrolytes balance, total protein albumin, all that stuff. Yeah, get it done every time. It’s $6. Why wouldn’t you get it done?  – 12:15
  • How much per month for the basic service? 23:35
  • In the US, this means you can set aside a few thousand dollars a year of pre-tax dollars and spend them on whatever you want. You can use FSA and HSA for LIV Health.  – 27:58
  • Compound pharmacies, they, generally, save you money. They make drugs without bad stuff. And then, they’ll order the raw ingredients. They make your drug fresh for you.  – 30:17
  • CBC, CMP, IGF-1, thyroid stimulating hormone, free T3, free T4, basic lipid panel, ferritin, testosterone, including free and total, sex hormone binding globulin, estradiol, prostate-specific antigen for men, progesterone, I’m probably missing something. That’s a basic lab panel.34:59
  • How do you prioritize? What I think, same thing you come back to people with all the time is, you can’t manage what you don’t measure.  – 38:56
  • This new model of a layer inserted between you and your doctor, so you can do a lot of problem solving, detective work, data gathering, and then go into a doctor’s appointment fully equipped to say, “This is the right thing to do.” So the doctor can make better decisions in less of their time. – 41:26
  • If you guys want to know what a health concierge actually knows, there you go. We went into kisspeptin and testicular volume. Would you have this conversation with your doctor?  – 45:21

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