Luke Storey

How to Get & Stay Sober—Even if You Don’t Think You’re an Addict

Luke Storey

Learn about the different types of addiction (not just substance!), the healing benefits of psychedelics and social connection in recovery, and how to get your life back.

Luke Storey

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… you’ll learn Luke Storey’s definition of addiction and his strategies for healing, happiness, and high performance. He’s known for his irreverent, passionate, and humorous delivery, and it shows through in this conversation.

He overcame tremendous adversity from childhood trauma, adolescent criminality, and years of chronic alcohol and drug addiction. For 25 years, he’s focused on recovery, inner work, and personal development. If you’re currently working on addiction recovery, you’ll learn a lot from his experience. And even if you don’t share any aspect of Luke’s dark background, you may have your own type of addiction that could benefit from his wisdom.

“Even if we don’t have an addiction to a substance or a behavior,” Luke explains, “many of us are addicted to false thoughts that we continually think that we can’t stop.”

Luke’s a great writer, meditation and metaphysics teacher and lifestyle design expert who shares with you his transformative principles of health, addiction recovery, and spirituality. This discussion dives deep into addiction, how psychedelics—properly used with the help of a professional—can aid your recovery, and what it really takes to live and thrive once you get sober.

He’s spent the past two decades refining and defining the ultimate wellness lifestyle. His teachings combine primal health and ancient spiritual practices with natural healing and consciousness-expanding technologies. His own Life Stylist Podcast covers a range of topics including sex and relationships, yoga, meditation, health myths and medical conspiracies, spirituality, mindfulness, and a whole lot more.

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“One of the main underlying issues in addiction is loneliness and a disconnect from other people.”

Luke Storey

Enjoy the show!

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