How to Hack Your Metabolism and Power Your Energy

Michal Mor, Ph.D.

Manage your weight, sleep and athletic performance by training your metabolism to use fat and carbs more efficiently.


In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

…you’ll learn about the critical role metabolism plays in your body’s energy and performance. Important new science findings about human metabolic health shows how you can change your metabolism. To help you make these changes, this episode gives you practical tips and tools for measuring your metabolism and ways to manage it effectively.

Guest Michal Mor, Ph.D., co-founded Lumen with her twin sister, Merav Mor, Ph.D., and three long-time entrepreneur friends nearly a decade ago. As Chief of Metabolic Health & Science, Michal’s background includes degree studies in Medical Laboratory Sciences and Physiology with an emphasis on cardiac arrhythmia.

The Lumen founders set out to close the gap of what existed in the science and something people could actually use to manage their metabolic health.

Both Michal and her twin, Merav, were multiple-year Ironman participants. Athletic performance—and how to improve it—influenced their work with metabolism. Four years of research and development plus more years of validation studies and beta test users went into developing Lumen. 

Lumen is a hand-held device that accurately measures your metabolism through the breath. It uses a CO2 sensor and flow meter to measure the CO2 concentration in your breath, indicating if your body is in carb or fat burn.

“So, this ability to shift between them, it’s not only good for athletic performance it’s also improving our quality of life,” Michal says. “It enables us to enjoy life to our fullest potential. It’s about longevity. It’s about being able to achieve our goals, not having those mood swings. This is so much more than improving athletic performance.”

“The solution to perform at our best is within us—basically how healthy our metabolism is and how metabolically flexible we are.”

Michal Mor, Ph.D,

Lumen has accumulated a metabolic measurement database with over 20m measurements. These insights have shown how lifestyle habits affect metabolism and the body more than previously thought possible. In turn, the Lumen team educates, guides and gives people real-life tools so they can become more metabolically flexible.

5 Things You Can Learn By Using Lumen

  1. How metabolic flexibility affects your performance, weight, risk for metabolic diseases (diabetes) and quality of life (energy)
  2. How you can control metabolic flexibility (such as low carb, fasting, sleep)
  3. The true effect of low carb diets on your body (such as carb timing, carb cycling)
  4. How fasting really works, how fast length affects your metabolism, and how fasting affects people differently
  5. The importance of sleep on your metabolic flexibility  

Listen on to learn how with just one breath in the morning, you can set your metabolism course for the day and then monitor it throughout the day.

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Enjoy the show!

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  • A bachelor of science in medical laboratory sciences, master of science in physiology, and a PhD in physiology with an emphasis on cardiac arrhythmia,  Michal, you have an interesting background? – 2:10
  • So someone that has a healthy metabolism, that knows how to switch between using fat and using carbs will perform much better.  – 7:03
  • How would you tell my mother her metabolism works?  – 9:02
  • When I started Lumen, it was about closing this gap between the science world, the technology, the insight that have there and into the day to day.  – 14:54
  • By measuring the oxygen consumption and the carbon dioxide release by analyze this ratio, we know what type of fuel your body is using.  – 17:38
  • Why does Lumen beat heart rate variability of something that I should do every day for my metabolism?  – 21:40
  • So for the biohackers, and we have many of them. So they use Lumen in order to optimize different things. For example, they want to optimizing their fasting duration.  – 26:05
  • You have 20 million metabolism measurements from Lumen so far, which is an enormous data set to be able to figure out what’s going on. And the validation that you have.  – 32:42
  • We needed everyone to use fat as much as possible. So we asked them to drink MCT in order to see their body shift into fat, but I got wrong with the doses.  – 39:17
  • I mean, it’s all about improving your mitochondrial functionality. So now, okay your mitochondria is now practicing in using fat for fuel. This is a good thing.  – 42:54
  • Is there a difference for you between the feeling of being in fat burning versus being flexible? – 51:08
  • In five weeks of optimizing their carb intake using Lumen, this is the Adidas running team okay, they lost an average of 2.5% of their body weight. They lost 9.5% of their body fat and they decreased their running time by 17%.  – 56:18
  • I’m using more carbs because of that ovulation, my body is really need those carbs. So I will eat a moderate amount of carbs, small meal, every three hours, complex carbs in order to keep my blood sugar stable and not having that drop of energy in craving. – 1:00:56

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