Upgrade Spotlight: Breathe Better, Snore Less & Wake Up With Energy

Michael Johnson / Mute-Rhinomed

How using a wearable nasal device can dramatically improve your breathing and sleep quality.

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In this "Upgrade Spotlight" Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

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Introducing Mute! CEO Michael Johnson joins the show from the Rhinomed headquarters near Melbourne, Australia. Rhinomed, the company behind Mute, pioneers the use of adjustable nasal devices for respiration, sleep, nasal diagnostics, and nasal drug delivery. 

You’re going to learn about a Mute nasal device that will help you get a much better night’s sleep. Think of it as the first line of defense against snoring and sleep disruption. It’s a small device made of soft, adjustable polymers that sits comfortably inside your nose, increasing airflow and improving breathing.

This cool piece of respiratory technology is designed to gently stent open your nasal airway while you sleep. The idea is that by increasing the volume of air travelling through the nose and making nasal breathing easier, Mute may alleviate the incidence and severity (i.e., volume) of your snoring.

According to Rhinomed, snoring and related sleep problems contribute to:

  • 64% of people get less than 6 hours of sleep a night
  • 33% of people rate their sleep quality as bad or very bad
  • 66% of people in the US snore or have a partner who snores
  • On average, people have tried over 4 hacks or tricks to try and stop snoring
  • 38% of people have slept in separate bedrooms from their partner due to snoring
  • 15% of people have ended a relationship because of snoring

Using Mute may lead to:

  • 78% of users could breathe better
  • 75% of users snored less
  • 73% of users’ partners reported a reduction in snoring severity
  • 38% more air in through your nasal passages

Go to MUTESNORING.COM and use code DAVE10 for 10% off and free shipping in the US, Canada, and Australia

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“It's important to realize that the upper airway is actually smooth muscle, it's not just flaccid flesh. It's just like any muscle, you can actually get a reaction there.”

Michael Johnson / Mute-Rhinomed

Enjoy the show!

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