Michael Rubino3

Detox Your Home: How to Improve Indoor Air Quality & Get Rid of Mold

Michael Rubino

Learn what you can do yourself and when professionals must do remediation to wipe out dangerous biotoxins in your home and protect your health.

Michael Rubino3

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… An air quality expert explains the impact of your home environment on your health, mold sensitivities, and the remediation process, including DIY tips and professional interventions. You’ll also find out about The Dust Test, which identifies mold, bacteria, and biotoxins in your home so the inspector can remove all sources of contamination.

Mold is likely a problem in your home, as it is for many people, and you likely don’t know what to do about it. Every year, mold damages property and costs homeowners money. But worse than that, mold is dangerous to your health, especially if you are one of 375 million Americans who are susceptible to chronic mold sensitivity. 

With decades of field experience, Michael Rubino, president of HomeCleanse, excels at working with individuals—many of whom are who are immunocompromised—to detoxify their homes and improve indoor air quality. He has helped more than 1,000 families heal from toxic mold exposure so far, and, as he says, this is just the beginning.

Michael says “When you start to look at how many people have been diagnosed with SIRS, autoimmune diseases and disorders, and Lyme disease, it’s a third of the American population. And you start to backtrack those numbers and you say, “What do they all have in common?” Well, they all seem to be extremely sensitive to mold… You start to ask yourself “why?””

With a childhood immersed in construction and remediation, Michael worked alongside his father for years, but as he grew older, he recognized problems with the industry’s approach to home remediation, witnessing clients experiencing ongoing adverse health reactions or repeated outbreaks of mold colonies.

Through scientific expertise and innovation, he developed alternative remediation protocols that not only eliminate common mold sources but also eradicate the contamination caused by those sources.

Michael’s expert advice in this episode is a go-to resource for anyone worried about an increasingly common problem that can have life-threatening side effects. And his book The Mold Medic can definitely help you breathe easier. 

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“With all the amazing things we have out there in the environment, we create this perfect storm. We're overloading our immune system and we're paying the price for it.”

Michael Rubino

Enjoy the show!

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