How to Increase Neuroplasticity and Strengthen Your Brain

Moha Bensofia / Mendi

Training your brain to be stronger creates new pathways that allow for more mental flexibility and higher function. 


In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… you’ll learn how much control you can actually have over your brain. There’s a new way of accessing your meat operating system that adds an important element that’s been missing from the brain training conversation. Moha Bensofia joins the show to explain a new piece of neurotech called Mendi. He shares the benefits of getting more blood to the front of your brain.

Initially, Moha was an investor in Mendi, but as he recognized the power of this real-time medical-grade neurofeedback device to train people’s brains, he stepped in as CEO.

Mendi uses neurofeedback to provide visual feedback based on your brain activity. A headset measures the activity while you play a fun brain-training mobile game. The system uses fNIRS technology to measure blood flow and oxygenation in the pre-frontal cortex of the brain. The brain training game requires focus and calmness, which increases activity and control of your brain’s pathways. 

“Our brains are constantly overstimulated, which makes them difficult to control,” Moha says. He believes that by using Mendi you can learn to control your brain activity and reach greater heights as an entrepreneur, athlete, and professional in any field.

Mendi was developed initially for victims of war and trauma, as well as people struggling with anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD. But, as you’ll learn, everyone can benefit from this type of brain training.


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“I like to look at [Mendi brain training] as kind of the Tinder model where you swipe things left or right. Imagine if you could just basically teach yourself to not swipe into that dark place."

Moha Bensofia / Mendi

Enjoy the show!

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