The Carnivore Conversation with a Surprisingly Sweet Twist: Paul Saladino, M.D., with Dave Asprey– #735

Paul Saladino
Top Tips: Red meat and organs are central to the human diet. Plant toxins can piss off your body. Always avoid vegetable oil.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, Paul Saladino, M.D., returns to the show to talk about his current findings about eating all carnivore. He’s author of the book, “THE CARNIVORE CODE: Unlocking the Secrets to Optimal Health by Returning to Our Ancestral Diet.” He recently published an updated version to include all the latest science he discovered.

We go way nerdy into the science on this, with Dr. Paul providing studies and information that you probably haven’t heard of in this depth anywhere else. He’s done the hard research work and is a great explainer. You’ll come away from this episode with a bunch of new knowledge.


  • We get into linoleic acidwhat it is and what it does in the body. Did you know that too much linoleic acid gives your fat cells a signal to stick around? “Processed vegetable oils, which create evolutionarily inconsistent levels of linoleic acid in the human body, are an absolute metabolic nightmare for humans,” Dr. Paul says.


  • We highlight the benefits of organ meats: “Eat nose to tail with organ meats, with well-raised red meat and organs, and you will thrive.”


  • We talk about plants: “Plants hate us and if we ignore the fact that plants exist on a toxicity spectrum and make plant toxins, which are defended chemicals, we are abandoning a whole bunch of people who could get really well by eliminating the most toxic plants from their diet.”


  • And we home in on the benefits of honey and the surprising way it’s complementing a carnivore way of eating.

Dr. Paul began experimenting on himself several years ago. He used to suffer from severe eczema. When he went full carnivore, his skin and his own autoimmune symptoms resolved and he had more energy, slept better and put on more muscle mass.

Currently, he’s a certified functional medicine physician practicing in Austin, Texas, He’s board certified as a Physician Nutrition Specialist and also in psychiatry.

Listen on to learn even more about how carnivore-style eating can reverse autoimmune issues, decrease chronic inflammation and even improve mental health issues,

Enjoy the show! And get more resources at Dave.Asprey/podcasts.

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Book: “THE CARNIVORE CODE: Unlocking the Secrets to Optimal Health by Returning to Our Ancestral Diet”



Dave Asprey Blog:

Research studies mentioned during the show courtesy of Dr. Paul Saladino:

Key Notes

  • Is The Bulletproof Diet compatible with the carnivore diet? – 1:01
  • What got you into carnivore in the first place? – 2:43
  • The importance of including these organ meats in your. – 7:00
  • Anytime somebody says, “Your carnivore diet is zero fiber,” I say, “Well, it’s zero plant fiber. – 8:40
  • My ideas with the carnivore diet and The Carnivore Code book are not intended to create an environment in which every person on the planet eats zero plants. The ideas are really aimed at three big things. – 10:40
  • Evolutionarily our ancestors used plant foods as survival foods. – 14:14
  • So if a vegan won’t eat honey, maybe it’s carnivore. – 17:39
  • In 1857, there were studies done in which they reversed diabetes by giving people tons and tons of sugar. – 26:20
  • Fatty acids can serve as a lipo kinds in the human body.- 27:13
  • Trans fats from vegetable foods or plant foods are the only ones that have been associated with harmful effects in humans. Naturally occurring trans fats are okay.  – 28:57
  • Both the subcutaneous and the visceral adipocytes appears to be a signal for them to… The door stays open. They can grow. They can grow and you don’t want your fat cells to grow. – 31:02
  • Stearic acid is fascinating because stearic acid is an 18-carbon saturated fat. And where is stearic acid found? – 34:20
  • 4HNE, 9HODE, and 13HODE. And these are considered to be sort of these inflammatory products of the omega-6 breakdown. What’s fascinating about these products, the OXLAMs, is that they are highly correlated with all of our chronic diseases – 38:10
  • Chickens not fed on corn and soy have five to six times less linoleic acid in their fat. – 42:59
  • Focus on grass fed, grass finished red meat first. – 45:19
  • Red meat and organ, central part of the human diet. Plants have toxins. They can piss off your body. Vegetable oil is completely evolutionarily inconsistent, avoid it. – 46:36
  • Raw liver is amazing, and if you can’t get it raw, desiccated is the next best thing. – 48:30
  • Heart is a fantastic source of coenzyme Q10. – 54:47
  • I don’t think we want to cook the crap out of any of our foods.- 56:25
  • We’re still trying to sort out the effects of lots of monounsaturated fat on the visceral adipose tissue.  58:17
  • There’s a real clear signal here that LDL has vital roles in the human body. – 1:02:10

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