Radha Agrawal

Finding Joy, Building Community and Raising Your Own Pork

Radha Agrawal

Find out how you can discover joy through the power of dance, create deeply meaningful human connections, and find strength in your trauma.

Radha Agrawal

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

…you’re going to learn how to biohack joy—and why it’s simpler, and more necessary, than you might think.

Radha Agrawal is an author and successful entrepreneur with a singular purpose: to bring people together through joy and genuine human connection.

She’s the founder and CEO of Daybreaker, a morning dance, music, and wellness movement that spans five continents. Through Daybreaker, Radha has built a community of more than 500,000 people across the globe who wake up early to dance together.

She’s also co-founded, sold, and invested in multiple nine-figure businesses in the wellness space. MTV named her “one of eight women who will change the world,” and she recently toured with Oprah, bringing live music and dance to more than 150,000 people.

One of the things Radha has learned over the years is that, for all the superficial connection available in the Digital Age, people are starving for true community—and real human connection seems to be harder to come by now, not easier.

Radha thinks one of the biggest things we’re missing is vulnerability.

“Every single person listening right now has a backpack full of their own history,” she says.  “So, we all carry around this invisible backpack with all of our history in it. [With real community], you start pulling out, ‘My father died in an accident,’ or, ‘this happened,’ or, ‘I got betrayed by this person.’ All of a sudden, there’s a depth of tenderness…that’s where community starts.”

“Dance is essential to the human experience.”

Radha Agrawal

She goes deeper into the importance of human connection in her book, “Belong: Find Your People, Create Community, and Live a More Connected Life.

This conversation meandered through several unexpected topics, too. Listen on to learn:

  • How to hack your brain for more joy (and how to quantify the joy in your life) all backed by science
  • Why drugs are a poor substitute for human connection
  • How to build true community in the Digital Age
  • Why dance and music are the future of medicine
  • How Radha went from a small idea to an enormous, successful company—without a single investor
  • The bittersweet reality of being a pig farmer
  • How pain and tragedy can make you stronger, not weaker
  • The importance of forgiveness (and why we have to stop cancelling people)

By the end of this podcast, you’ll have practical tools to become a more joyful person. 

Enjoy the show!

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  • One of the things I wanted to talk about on the show with you today is Daybreaker plus. – 3:44
  • One of the reasons why I have been successful in my life is because when you find somebody or a community with whom shares your excitement or your joie de vivre. – 8:16
  • Dance continues to be the redheaded stepchild where, dance actually is the original healing modality that exists on the planet.  – 13:02
  • Now I’m okay, I want to see the world, now how do I make friends? How do I find joy?  – 22:35
  • When people do the Joy Blueprint, what are they going to get?  – 32:11
  • Tell me the story of starting a farm and are you doing animals, vegetables? Let’s walk through that a little bit.  – 37:14
  • Were on our feet for 12 hours each day processing, packing, organizing the meat into all the different coolers and all the different types of meat and labeling.  – 44:46
  • Deaths per calorie of what you’re doing is exceptionally good and deaths per calorie on soybeans is exceptionally bad.  – 53:09
  • I lead, my seven joy practices on a platform, but I lead people through forest bathing, and it’s called shinrin-yoku and it’s Japanese forest meetings meditation through slow meandering walking under a canopy of trees in the woods. And that can be an even more potent form of meditation than just sitting and quiet.  – 55:49
  • Harvard came out with a longitudinal study that shared that the key… They studied 1000 people and their big revelation at the end of the study was the key to a happy and healthy life was meaningful relationships. 59:51

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