Transform Your Indoors with Human Compatible™ Lighting – Robert Soler & Dave Asprey Hack LEDs – #704

Take control of your light—and your circadian rhythm—with an LED natural spectrum bulb based on NASA-level technology.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guest is Robert Soler, who researches, engineers and designs lighting systems that work best for the human brain and body. We get right into the biology of lighting and why LED lighting has been your No. 1 enemy indoors for years.

As a subject-matter expert for NASA’s Circadian Lighting System onboard the International Space Station, Robert helped design the first LED light for use there. He has since co-founded a NASA spin-off company to bring the same technology to the general public. He’s now vice president of Human Biological Technologies and Research at Biological Innovation and Optimization Systems (BIOS).

Robert and the BIOS team set out to create better lighting to improve human sleep patterns, cognitive function and general health. Their research on circadian lights has been proven to provide benefits in alertness, jet lag, athlete performance, twilight, seasonality, skin response, photoreception, and more.

BIOS is the only truly circadian lighting developed for humans to mimic natural sunlight. “The whole premise is brighter days, darker nights,” Robert says.

BIOS and my company TrueLight have partnered to launch the first consumer lightbulb that works with your circadian rhythm, not against it. We’ve even captured exciting new technology: “We took out the bad blue and re-appropriated into the good blue region, giving those ‘sky blue’ signals that we need and getting rid of the bad blue in the shorter wavelengths,” Robert says.

Listen on to learn how key photoreceptors drive your circadian rhythms, and how this new bulb’s human compatibility features can revolutionize your light and your life.

BIOS-Truelight Bulb

Enjoy the show!

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Transform Your Indoors with Human Compatible Lighting – Robert Soler with Dave Asprey – #704



Key Notes

  • How Robert came to work at NASA. – 1:54
  • Blue lIght paradox. – 6:57
  • How do I cut out the annoying blue but leave enough blue? – 13:19
  • The effect of brightness versus color on sleep. – 16:13
  • Interesting things of what lighting does to trick people. – 22:42
  • Some people who are insanely sensitive to flicker. – 26:12
  • Melanopsin receptor, ipRGCs. – 35:58
  • What about TV brightness? How important is it to turn that down? – 44:00
  • Circadian rhythm. – 45:37
  • Light on your skin from your LED lights may create more ATP. – 58:04

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