British Medical Journal Article Says Sugar Is the Root Cause of Obesity Crisis

Article Slams Sugar as the Root Cause of Obesity Crisis_1

Today in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), esteemed science writer Gary Taubes argues for a concentrated research program to eradicate misconceptions about sugar once and for all[ref url=””]. The notion that sugar is the root cause of the global obesity and diabetes epidemics – bearing disastrous effects on the human body above and beyond simply being empty calories – warrants serious scrutiny, Taubes states.

Sugar causes obesity and type 2 diabetes

Taubes notes that doctors have long suspected sugar is to blame when it comes to obesity and type 2 diabetes. Until lately, though, fat consumption has taken most of the heat in the obesity debate. In today’s opinion piece, Taubes poses the question – what if the problem is actually sugar itself. Sugar, which is metabolized differently than other carb-laden foods, may have toxic effects on the human body. While a simple solution is to set an upper limit to the amount of sugar consumption in a healthy diet, Taubes warns, “We don’t know if the level recommended is safe for everyone. It could be that for people who have obesity or diabetes, or both, even a little is too much. And the ubiquity of sugar-rich products may make it difficult for many people to maintain a healthy level of sugar consumption.”

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Taubes’ BMJ editorial signifies a crucial moment in sugar debate

The fact that the BMJ is publishing such an opinion piece means that thought leaders likely agree on sugar’s deleterious effects on the human body. The medical community uses journals like BMJ to inform and advise about their treatment plans. So Taubes’ sugar commentary in BMJ marks a pivotal moment in the debate. This is an opportunity for the greater medical community to catch up on the widely growing belief that sugar is poisonous and the root cause of a gamut of diseases.

Say goodbye to sugar

Cutting sugar out of your diet isn’t as hard as it may sound – and once you do it, you’ll feel 100 times better. What’s the trick? Replace sugar and empty carbs with filling, high-quality fats. These two pieces – Kick Your Sugar Habit With These Bulletproof Alternative Sweeteners and How to Stop Sugar Cravings for Good – can get you started.

You can hear more from award-winning health journalist and author Gary Taubes about sugar and the quality of science in nutrition and obesity research in this Bulletproof Radio podcast.





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