How Silver Upgrades Your Immunity (and How I Use it When I Travel)


You may have heard the phrase “Born with a silver spoon in his mouth” before. 

It’s an expression from the middle ages that means someone born into wealth. Back then, rich people would give silver spoons as baby gifts. The idea was that the silver spoon would keep babies from getting sick when they were being spoon-fed. 

That may sound like superstition, but it’s actually not. Silver is a strong antimicrobial[*]—so much so that hospitals still use it today for medical instruments and disinfectants. 

If you’ve been worried about your immunity lately, it’s worth your time to learn about silver. If you use it right, silver can fight off bacteria, viruses, mold, and other microorganisms. It may even upgrade your innate immune system, making you stronger from the inside out. 

Here’s a look at how silver works and how you can use it to keep performing at a high level, even when there’s a bug going around or you’re starting to feel under the weather. 

Silver Fights Off Bacteria and Viruses

Before scientists discovered antibiotics, silver was one of the most important and widespread antimicrobial agents. Hospitals today use silver for a bunch of different things, including surgical tools (it kills surface bacteria, keeping the tool sterile), disinfectants, wound dressing (silver keeps wounds from getting infected), burn care, and more. 

Silver works by penetrating the protective walls of bacteria and viruses and then breaking them into pieces from the inside out. As an added bonus, many microbes absorb silver before they die, meaning all the bacteria and viruses silver kills become antimicrobial themselves, creating a sort of chain reaction that rapidly disinfects almost anything silver touches. 

Boost Your Immunity with Silver

Silver can help you keep your environment free of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other infectious microorganisms. Unlike most cleaners, it’s free of crappy additives and chemicals that make you weak, and it works immediately upon contact with a wide variety of pathogens. It even gets rid of odors (it kills bacteria and fungi that create bad smells). 

Research also shows that silver upgrades your innate immunity. A 2014 study found that taking silver as a supplement makes your immune cells stronger and more capable of fighting off infectious pathogens[*]. 

How To Hack Your Immune System and Environment with Silver

As a biohacker, you probably already know that there’s a lot you can do to keep from getting sick. Diet, exercise, stress management, and all kinds of other lifestyle hacks will upgrade your immune system and keep you healthy 90% of the time.

For that other 10%, I use silver. It’s a simple, non-toxic way to keep your environment germ-free and power up your immune cells. 

My go-to brand for antimicrobial silver is a (named after silver’s position on the periodic table—element #47). They’ve been making a variety of silver products for the better part of a decade. 

I used to get sick now and then during heavy traveling periods, probably because I usually fly more than 200 days a year and airplane air is about as low-quality as you can get. 

I always managed to minimize my symptoms and get better within a couple days, thanks to IV nutrient infusions, fasting, and other biohacks—but it was still a pain in the ass whenever it happened, so I started looking for a way to stop getting sick at all. 

Now I use TRU47’s silver-infused nasal inhalers when I’m flying. A spray every few hours works wonders. 

I also use their silver-infused face coverings for places where I have to wear a mask. You’d never know the difference—they’re still breathable and comfortable—but they offer another layer of protection against anything coming your way. 

And finally, I use a silver spray at home for cleaning instead of harsh commercial products. It’s effective and it smells great, thanks to a base of organic essential oils. 

There’s a reason people have been using silver as a disinfectant for close to 6000 years, and why doctors and surgeons still rely on it today. It works wonders for killing off pathogens—without all the nasty chemicals that sap your performance, screw with your hormones, and make you weak. 

If you want to boost your immune cells and keep your environment germ-free, silver is a great way to do it. It’s especially important right now—which is why I’ve partnered with TRU47 to offer 20% off all their products, just enter code DAVE20 at checkout. 

Keep yourself running strong with silver. Happy biohacking. 




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