There’s So Much ‘Wow’ in Every Moment – Tim Chang #598

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Tim Chang leads consumer technology investments at Mayfield, focusing on next-gen Commerce & Marketplaces, Communities, Health & Wellness and Digital Media.

I spotted my friend Tim Chang, an experienced investor and global executive, at the Consumer Health Summit and took the opportunity to ask the man once called “The Hottest Abs In Silicon Valley” how he stays in a high-performance state. Tim is passionate about syncing technology with wisdom to boost consciousness and fitness across body, mind and spirit. (And from his photo above, you can see he plays bass in a band—multiple bands, in fact.)

In this fun, free-wheeling episode of Bulletproof Radio, the hour spins by with solid suggestions about living your best life and tangible takeaways for well-being. We discuss modern culture topic by topic in an engrossing conversation that spans email, messaging apps, time burdens, FOMO, obligation, the Eisenhower Matrix, think time, vulnerability, struggle, time as a luxury, the attention economy, cognitive health, mental bandwidth, haters, social media, slow tech—and much more.

It all makes great sense and great listening!

Tim’s Quick Takes 

  • Strength Training and HIIT: “I just want to get my stuff done and go.”
  • Meditation: “ There’s something magic at minute 40 or 45 where your mind just tires itself out of yapping at itself.”
  • Intermittent Fasting: “Essentially, I just skipped breakfast.”
  • Five-day Fasts: “It’s the equivalent of a nutritional meditation.”
  • Hipster Spirituality Culture: “They’re literally out Instagramming each other.”
  • Meetings: “Just don’t schedule.”
  • Vulnerability: “The ultimate superpower.”
  • Life: “Nobody’s crushing it, everyone’s a mess.”

Tim leads consumer technology investments at Mayfield, focusing on next-gen Commerce & Marketplaces, Communities, Health & Wellness and Digital Media. He has been twice named on the Forbes Midas List of Top 100 venture capitalists and the Always On Power Players of top investors. He received his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, graduating in the top 10% of his class. He also holds an MSEE and BSEE in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan.

“I partner with entrepreneurs unleashing the power of communities and networks, using real-time data combined with personal storytelling, to disrupt the worlds of commerce, health and wellness, and also those innovating on new platforms such as messaging, VR/AR, and smart devices,” he explains.

Enjoy the show!

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There’s So Much ‘Wow’ in Every Moment – Tim Chang – #598


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Key Notes

  • Do any venture capitalists not wear trackers? 00:03:15
  • Getting over yourself and a perfect identity 00:14:15
  • Tim’s hack for FOMO 00:17:30
  • Don’t promote yourself on Social Media 00:32:20
  • Why having a “men’s circle” is important 00:32:50
  • Where does medical freedom fit in? 00:45:10
  • Freedom of choice is not such a great idea anymore 00:50:05
  • Recommendation algorithms are like the food pyramid 00:51:30
  • Bigger Ideas:
  • Tim’s fitness routine 00:04:05
  • The benefits and tactics for doing some longer fasts 00:07:00
  • Tim’s meditation practice 00:10:20
  • How to make time for self-care 00:16:30
  • How Tim and Dave manage their time 00:19:00
  • Saving people 2 seconds per day 00 :26:40
  • What meditations did Tim do to turn on his vulnerability? 00:31:20
  • Why Dave struggles with the word struggle 00:33:25
  • Is there a renaissance coming for investors? 00:40:35
  • Why media has become so extreme 00:48:45

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