Hacking with Hydrogen – Tyler W. LeBaron #482

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, Dave Asprey discusses what he calls “The Next Nitric Oxide.”

Nobody even knew that Nitric Oxide mattered in the human body until about a decade ago, and now, it’s huge. Well, there’s a new gas in town, and it’s ripe for biohacking, a gas so important that it’s ephemeral in the body – and as such, science missed it (at least in the US, not in Japan).

In this fascinating episode of Bulletproof Radio, Tyler Lebaron tells us basically everything there is to know about Hydrogen – which is a lot.

From Parkinson’s, to Alzheimer’s, to anti-inflammatory treatment, to anti-aging – hydrogen can help. Enjoy!

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Hacking with Hydrogen – Tyler W. LeBaron #482

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Molecular Hydrogen Foundation

Show Notes

  • When I met you, you said, “I’m the Executive Director of the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation,” and I’m like, “Oh, great, like this guy is probably a little bit out there,” but you actually worked in Japan at Nagoya University, Department of Neurogenetics to look at cell signaling pathways, and you’re a Director of the International Hydrogen Standards Association, and you actually know everything you’re talking about, and I would say there’s about zero mysticism in your work, and a huge amount of science.” Dave on Tyler’s work.
  • Why Tyler cares so much about Hydrogen.
  • Tyler on some of the effects of Hydrogen Gas. “It is strange at first at least, when you consider that hydrogen gas could exert any of these therapeutic effects, and we’re seeing the anti inflammatory effects, antiology-type effects, antioxidant-like effects.”
  • “The standpoint that hydrogen, the first element in existence, right, this neutral diatomic gas that is so prevalent, and is so simple, and is essentially biologically inert, would have a therapeutic effect. It’s strange. “
  • What does hydrogen do in our biology? –Dave
  • A study out of Japan by Dr. Noda. “Ingestion of hydrogen-rich water completely prevented the development of Parkinson’s disease in this animal model, and this was a powerful article. She’s a great researcher at Kyushu University.”
  • “That’s the really neat thing about hydrogen, it’s selective. It’s able to help attenuate the excessive oxidation without attenuating the important free radicals.”
  • What about the rest of us who don’t have Parkinson’s or arthritis? –Dave
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