Upgrade Spotlight: How to Avoid EMFs & Raise Your Quantum Energy Field

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling / Quantum Upgrade

Learn how to tune into your true self and inner power by harnessing quantum energy to ward off EMFs and increase your energetic vibration.

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In this "Upgrade Spotlight" Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… you’re getting the latest knowledge about innovative biohacking tools and technologies that allow you to change your biology and the environment around you.  

Introducing Quantum Upgrade! Founder and CEO, Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling, shares how you can reduce EMFs and increase quantum energy in your personal spaces.

He joined the show previously to bring you the science and benefits of quantum energy and energy frequencies. You’ll want to take a listen to episodes #890 and #1013 to learn more. This time, he explains how you can harness quantum energy via a remote service.

“I think most people have a hard time because they’re not in tune with their true self, with their inner power,” Philipp says. “They’re just living in the box of the five senses. I think it’s the time to get out of that.”

Skeptical? Here’s how it all works.

Through years of research and development in tandem with its sister company, Leela Quantum, Quantum Upgrade has created a powerful source of usable quantum energy.

By using quantum entanglement, Quantum Upgrade has been shown to improve the function of heart rate variability, ATP production, and blood, among other things. Philipp mentions a recent study that found this quantum technology increased cellular activity by 20%, which has implications for athletes—a bioenergy-hacking tool—and wound healing. 

The Quantum Upgrade technology “tunes” your environment to surround you with optimal level of usable quantum energy—at all times. When you join the subscription service, Quantum Upgrade “associates” you, your home, phone, business, or even your pet with this energy source.

Everyday EMF radiation creates incoherent frequencies that put stress on the human body. This creates biological disharmony and depletes you of quantum energy.

Quantum Upgrade works in three ways: 1) by bringing quantum energy to an area where you need it; 2) by harmonizing the EMF within these areas to make them no longer toxic to your body (when you neutralize harmful frequencies, you render them non-toxic); and 3) you add back additional quantum energy to your energy and physical body so you can get a powerful combination that has been shown to greatly enhance your ability to heal and regenerate on a cellular level.

The remote service has been tested through randomized sham-controlled double-blind studies, and Quantum Upgrade has worked with independent testing institutes and labs to test their products. 

“Currently, science is still playing catch up in measuring the field itself,” Philipp says. “I don’t know how long that’ll take until we’ll be able to really measure that and have scientific instruments for that. But what we can easily measure is what effect it has, and you can measure that over and over again.”

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“Quantum energy is the energy behind the matter. It's the energy that every living organism has in each cell. We're basically walking quantum fields.”

Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling / Quantum Upgrade

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Whether you’re new to exploring the benefits of quantum energy or already have some experience with quantum frequencies, there’s a subscription fit for you. You can easily customize and set different levels, set several boosters, add various frequencies, and pause it at any time.

Quantum Upgrade frequency bundles also allow you to access pure quantum energy and receive specific frequencies, such as Inner Peace or Abundance. It’s like having two products in one—quantum energy plus additional support frequencies—so you can get even more out of your experience. 

More about Philipp von Holtzendorff-Fehling: He founded and serves as CEO of Leela Quantum Tech and Quantum Upgrade. He’s a coach, entrepreneur in the conscious-raising space, and an energy healer. In parallel to a successful international business career, he went through two decades of exploring and training in shamanism, past-life regression, yoga, alpha chi, meditation, and many energy and healing modalities. While he’s a passionate bio- and bio-energy hacker in his personal life, he’s also a kundalini yoga teacher and a father of two.

Enjoy the show!

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  • How Quantum Upgrade uses quantum energy to improve health.
  • Understanding how quantum energy is present in each cell of living organisms.
  • How Quantum Upgrade can improve heart rate variability, ATP production, blood, and cellular activity.
  • The fact that there is no scientific instrument to measure the quantum energy field, but product benefits can be measured through blood tests, cellular voltage, and organ health.
  • Leela Quantum has conducted randomized sham-controlled double-blind studies with independent testing institutes to demonstrate the effectiveness of Quantum Upgrade.
  • How studies have found a 20-25% increase in ATP production and cellular activity after using Quantum Upgrade.
  • How cool it is that Quantum Upgrade is customizable to different levels and frequencies.
  • How the energy can be transmitted to others in the same room.
  • How and why Leela Quantum blocks and the quantum upgrade are complementary.
  • How to get a free two-week trial of your own.

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