Can You Really ‘Turn Back the Clock’?

Bulletproof Aging Formula – Oxaloacetate

Bulletproof Aging Formula - OxaloacetateIf you want to extend your life – and the quality of your life – while avoiding all the most common age-related diseases… the answer is simple.

In fact, scientists have known about it since the 1930’s…

And since then, study after study has added to the now-overwhelming proof that it works for ANY living creature. From humans all the way down to insects, and even single-celled organisms like yeast.

“The Aging Formula has given me an instant boost within less than a week – I felt more balanced and even throughout the day. Mental clarity and an overall improved mood were definitely noticeable.”
– Ilona

You could say it’s more than just a ‘theory’ at this point. More like a fundamental fact of nature…

The only catch is… You’d probably never want to do it…

Even if you could be 99.9% sure that it would add 20 or more healthy years to your life…

Because the trade off is giving up about half the food on your plate… every time you eat a meal… forever.

You can’t just cut carbs, either. It only seems to work if you cut the amount you eat across the board.

In studies, people who actually manage to keep these Calorie Restriction diets up for three to 15 years show significantly reduced risk of everything from heart disease and high blood pressure to Type II diabetes and dementia…

And while you’d need 130 years to do a valid study proving Calorie Restriction extends human life…

Again and again, studies on subjects as diverse as worms, flies, fish, mice, dogs and even our closest primate relatives show this severe calorie-cutting boosts lifespan and healthspan by a remarkably consistent 25%.

Why such strangely similar results between such different species?

Because according to the latest research, Calorie Restriction works its magic one cell at a time. That means it doesn’t matter if you’re a goldfish or a guerilla or a human being: If you eat (a lot) less, you’ll probably live (a lot) longer.

This supplement just makes your brain work better. The first few days were more noticeable and after a week, the effects seem sustained, even if I miss a day, in general, better focus, easier word recall and focus.”
– Frederick

Of course, cheating death and common diseases of aging doesn’t mean you’ll feel good… let alone Bulletproof.

Sure, you’ll be technically “healthy”… but you’ll pay the price with irritability, low body temperature, muscle loss, cognitive dysfunction… oh, and being hungry pretty much all the time for the rest of your life…

So is that it? A Catch-22 that makes you choose between long life or actually living?

Or can we biohack our way out it? Could there be a Bulletproof way to get the same result and still eat your fill?

That’s where Alan Cash comes in with what just might be the biohack of all biohacks…

I first met Alan at a meeting of the Silicon Valley Health Institute a few years ago – and his presentation instantly blew me away…

Because together, Alan – a physicist at home with huge sets of data – and his fellow researchers (molecular biologists from UCLA and UCSD) had seemingly done “the impossible”:

They’d found a way to ‘trick’ your body into giving you all the SAME life-extending, disease-cheating effects of Calorie Restriction… without starving yourself. Not even a little bit.

What’s the secret?

It’s not some artificial drug or ‘frankenmolecule’… In fact…

The key to ‘turning back the clock’ – a molecule called Oxaloacetate – is already inside every cell in your body.

Happy to be taking this, I’m in a group that has stroke risk and I know this is good to have on board. I also think better with it – probably the best effect.”
– Barbara

It’s part of the natural energy cycle inside your mitochondria that gives you the energy to move around, think and read this email…

And you already get some of this age-defying substance in your diet from certain foods like apples and potatoes…

Just nowhere near enough to switch on the life-extending benefits (not to mention that filling up your plate with apples and potatoes isn’t exactly Bulletproof…)

That’s why I’ve invited Alan to be a speaker at the annual Bulletproof Biohacking Conference for two years running to share the science behind his breakthrough alternative…

An alternative that delivers bio-identical Oxaloacetate in a convenient once-a-day capsule that I call Bulletproof Aging Formula™.

Yet the name only hints at the full power of this amazing and absolutely unique supplement…

And that’s why I’m writing you today…

Because if you’ve seen Bulletproof Aging Formula before and wondered exactly where it “fits” into your day, or if it’s worth taking if you’re still in your 20’s, 30’s or 40’s…

You need to know that the benefits of Oxaloacetate go far beyond anti-aging.

The truth is, this one small daily capsule might be Bulletproof’s best-kept secret… because as those who try it quickly discover…

You don’t need to wait years or decades for Bulletproof Aging Formula to ‘pay off’:

Instead, if you’re like many people who make this a without-fail morning ritual… you’ll feel Bulletproof Aging Formula going to work almost immediately to enhance your thinking, your memory and your mental clarity.

That’s because Oxaloacetate also helps your brain get rid of accumulated toxins that give you ‘brain fog’ – the same toxins that eventually put you at risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

In fact… Oxaloacetate is such a powerful brain protector, recent studies reveal it can even help prevent neurological damage from epilepsy, stroke and traumatic head injury.

And the immediate benefits of Aging Formula don’t even stop there:

Many athletes have now discovered Oxaloacetate’s ability to give you a quick,  powerful (and completely legal) boost in endurance by stoking up your cellular energy… and helping you burn that fuel even faster and more efficiently.

Just how much extra endurance? Here’s just one reaction Alan shared with the Biohacking Conference audience:

Oxaloacetate has allowed me to compete as if I am 25 years younger. It provides me with a huge competitive edge, as my endurance is substantially increased. Oxaloacetate is the best. 
-U.S. Open Triathlon Elite Medalist Renee Milton

The bottom line is… my family and I take Aging Formula every single morning for one simple reason:

Whether you’re in your 20’s or your 70’s… whether you want to protect and fuel your brain… get an extra “edge” in the gym or your favorite sport… or you’re looking to defy genetic destiny and significantly improve your odds of living a healthy 100 years or longer…


Bulletproof Aging Formula is one of the most solidly proven advantages you can possibly have on your side.

And right now, you can get the full benefits of all the decades and millions of dollars of research that have gone into making this advantage possible for about the monthly cost of a decent restaurant meal for one…

Just click here now to see even more of the science (and real customer feedback) behind Bulletproof Aging Formula – and find out to how to add it to your Bulletproof day. I’m confident you’ll find it to be as much of a “game-changer” for your energy, your cognitive performance and your entire life as I have.

Stay Bulletproof,

Dave Asprey

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