Bulletproof Gift Guide 2019 — What to Buy Your Favorite Biohacker for the Holidays

Everyone has a lot of stuff. This year, give a memorable experience, or a gift that makes the recipient’s life itself better. They’ll remember it forever.

I’ve spent over a million dollars biohacking my biology and performance. After trying every cutting-edge product and therapy on the market, these life-changing products and made the biggest difference and mattered the most.

I love most of these companies so much that I work with them as an investor or advisor. (If they’re worth that much of my time, it means I really love them!)

Gifts for sleep

OURA ring

Did that glass of wine before bed shorten your deep sleep? Did the piece of pie actually help it? Did you sleep hard enough last night to go full-throttle on your training today? Should you pitch your new idea at work today, or wait until you’re more rested and ready?

You’ll never know without data – and the OURA ring will tell you.

Unlike most sleep and activity trackers, the OURA takes a unique set of data and turns it into actionable information. It gathers heart rate variability measures to tell you how much stress you’re under. It measures how much time you spend in each sleep cycle so that you can see how the things you do during the day affect your sleep quality at night. It takes your temperature so that you know how to set your thermostat before bed. It pools all of your information into an easy snapshot — a readiness score — to tell you whether you should hit it hard, or take it easy that day. All of this and more in a sleek, stylish ring that is easy to forget you’re wearing.

Get an OURA ring for someone you love so they can sleep better! Use code BULLETPROOF at checkout for $50 off. 

Chili pads

Speaking of the gift of sleep, temperature is one of the most underappreciated factors in a good night’s sleep. Sleep involves VLPO neurons in the brain, which act as a sleep switch and are activated by cooler temperatures. The thing is, there’s a sweet spot. Too cold, and you’re awake and miserable. Too warm, and your VLPO neurons won’t do their thing.

Chili pads are mattress pads that precisely control the temperature of your sleep without the EMF that heating blankets create, and they can cool you off! You can get a size that covers the whole bed if you and your partner prefer the same sleep temperature. (Does that ever happen?) Or, you can get a size for just your side of the bed.

Get your Chili pad here. 

True Dark Glasses

You may already know that I created True Dark with the mission to solve the world’s junk light problem.

True Dark Daywalkers let in just enough blue light so that your body knows it’s day. You’re awake and alert, without the damaging effects of strong blue wavelengths on your delicate eye tissues, and without the tired brain you’re used to at the end of a day in an office.

The Sunsets are a powerful sleep hack that block out all 4 frequencies of light that impact your sleep timing system, which make them far better than ancient blue blocking technologies. You will likely feel your brain and body relax within minutes of putting them on.

TrueDark glasses come in a variety of styles, and you can get kids’ sizes too. Although, helping kids sleep is more a gift to the parents.

Get your TrueDark glasses here.

Sonic Sleep

Sonic Sleep is a smartphone-based sleep enhancement system designed by sleep scientist and Bulletproof Radio podcast guest Dr. Daniel Gartenberg. Here’s how it works…

Sonic Sleep App

The Sonic Sleep App uses timing and sound to maximize your sleep. The app alerts you when it’s time for bed and time to wake up. At night, while your phone is in airplane mode, the app detects the ambient noise in your room and adaptively blocks it with relaxing sound. At the same time, it plays science-backed sound patterns that encourage your brain to produce delta waves, the wave pattern that you would see on a scan during deep sleep.

If you have an Apple Watch, you can link it with the app for more accurate sleep tracking.

Get a 30-day free trial of the (previously sonic sleep) –  SleepSpace App here.

Sonic Sleep Box

The Sonic Sleep Box is a whole sleep system that includes everything you need to fall asleep fast and wake up refreshed and ready for whatever the day brings. It includes:

  • One full consultation with Dr. Daniel Gartenberg, aka Dr. Snooze
  • An Apple Watch 3 to integrate alerts and tracking with the Sonic Sleep app
  • Two colored LIFX bulbs to signal to your brain when it’s time to relax and when it’s time to be alert
  • Therapedic® weighted eye mask
  • TrueDark Twilight glasses to block out sleep-stealing blue light before bed
  • Verilux® HappyLight VT31 Lumi to simulate the right amount of sunlight at the right time, which helps maximize your sleep at night

Visit this signup page for $50 off of the Sonic Sleep Box.

TrueLight bioceramic passive far infrared blanket (New!)

This brand new technology from TrueLight includes charcoal bamboo particles that transform the infrared wavelengths of body heat into far infrared and reflect it back to you. No power cord required!

The result? Some people fall asleep 15-20 minutes faster, and with more energy for repair and recovery, you can wake up feeling more refreshed and energized for the day ahead.

Get your TrueLight blanket here.

Biohacked Box curated by me!

Every quarter throughout the year, I pull together the coolest new biohacking things I find so you can get the most out of your mental, physical and cellular performance. Then I get a huge discount for you and send you a box of goodies you’ll love. Curating the box for you takes a lot of time, but I love doing it!

You can order just one, or you can send holiday cheer every three months for as long as you like. If you order a subscription, the biohacker in your life will receive a box full of fresh gear, tools and knowledge every three months, all customized by me. (And they’ll think of how much you care about them every quarter!)

Order your Biohacked Box here. 

Gifts for anti-aging

*Staff pick* Alitura Ultimate Skincare Package

alitura clay maskFounder Andy Hnilo launched Alitura Naturals skincare on Bulletproof Radio and my wife Lana and I use it religiously. Andy has been on Bulletproof Radio multiple times and tells his powerful story about a car crash that ended his modeling career. He used science, diet, and the earliest formulations of what would become Alitura products to regrow his face.

Alitura accomplished what the beauty and skincare industry can’t seem to figure out — how to make natural, non-toxic products that actually perform. Using the highest quality ingredients and science-backed blends, Alitura masks, moisturizers, serums, and cleansers give you the glowy, youthful skin you’re after.

Get Alitura skincare here. 

Viome microbiome test kit

No two people digest food the same way. What makes you feel amazing might bloat your friend or put your mom to sleep. The Bulletproof Diet teaches you to find your own guilty “suspect foods” – the ones that make you tired but may work well for someone else.

How do you know which foods work for you? You could follow the program in the book, or you could save some time and spend three minutes on a microbiome test.

The Viome test analyzes your microbiome, the ecosystem of bacteria in your digestive system, and gives you a detailed list of foods that are right for your body. Your results link to an app that’s with you all the time, so you never have to remember what’s on your naughty and nice food list no matter where you are.

I love this company so much that the founder, Naveen Jain, has been on BP Radio several times, I have advised the company since it started, and I became an investor. I’m a true believer!

Get $10 off by using code “DAVE” on checkout when you order your Viome test kit here.

VIP ticket to the 7th Annual Biohacking Conference

The ultimate gift for the biohacker in your life is a weekend they’ll never forget. This momentous 3-day event is packed with engaging, thought-provoking and fully immersive keynotes, breakout sessions and hands-on tech exhibits.

Along with speakers and interactive tech hall, attendees will get a weekend of connection — connection with likeminded people who all want to enhance their lives, and connection with the experts who will help get them there.

Use this link to get 35% off of a VIP ticket, which includes VIP seating, a special dinner with me and my friends, access to the VIP lounge, exclusive breakfast and lunch events, and so much more.

Fitness gifts

CAR.O.L fitness bike

Hands up if you would like to lose weight and get fit in a 40-second hard workout a day.

Seems too good to be true, but it’s not. The CAR.O.L AI fitness bike dramatically cuts down the time you spend on fitness, freeing you up to do the things you want to do. The total workout is 9 minutes of adaptive training — which means it adjusts to your strength level — and only 40 seconds at max power. What would you do with 51 extra minutes a day?

Oh, and you won’t even sweat! No shower required.

Order your CAR.O.L AI fitness bike here.

Halo Sport

Photo of Dave use a HaloThe Halo Sport looks like headphones, but it’s actually a brain-stimulating device. It stimulates the motor cortex, which is the “headband” area of your head. That helps you learn coordinated movements faster.

I use this every week before ping pong, and I’m keeping up with the learning rate of my 10-year-old son! Neuroplasticity on tap is an amazing gift. It really works – check out the podcast episode about it!

Get your halo sport here.

X3 Bar

The X3 Bar helps you build muscle in less time. Three times less time, actually! It’s a patented bar attached to special resistance bands and a standing plate for proper form you can’t get from normal bands. The X3 Bar gives you a full body muscle-aching workout in just 10 minutes. I tested an early prototype and I gained noticeable muscle in record time, and I still use it today! Listen to my interview with X3 Bar Founder John Jaquish on this Bulletproof Radio podcast episode LINK.

Get your X3 Bar here.


Here’s a gift that athletes, gym junkies, or anyone who trains intensely will use every single day. Think TENS unit, but smarter. The Powerdot’s wireless, smartphone-controlled technology targets specific pains and personalizes your self-therapy program so that you can recover in record time. It tracks your pain score over time to make sure you’re making progress fast, and adjusts if not.

Get your Powerdot here.

For coffee lovers

Fellow atmos vacuum canister

Coffee connoisseurs are after the highest quality beans available. And once they source the perfect bag, they will want to keep them as fresh as possible.

Oxidation is the enemy of coffee beans, so you want the most airtight storage system you can get. The Fellow has a sturdy seal, and the canister releases oxygen before it seals off, resulting in the lowest possible oxygen exposure you can get in a container. Choose clear, or upgrade to matte black or white to keep damaging light out.

The best part? When a coffee snob gets a cup of coffee right, they’ll share it with you.

Get your Fellow canister here.


Yes, there are affiliate links here! Each of these are things I actually enjoy and use and believe in. 🙂

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