Bulletproof Alcohol: What to Drink During the Holidays

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Even if you’re totally committed to the Bulletproof lifestyle, odds are you relax with a drink every now and then. Clean alcohol will still impact your performance a little bit, but sometimes it’s worth it for the fun.

Drinking can get trickier during the holiday season. Typical holiday libations tend toward the more toxic side of alcohol – beer, wine, and sugary drinks like eggnog will probably leave you feeling rough in the morning and affect your performance throughout the day. With a little tweaking, though, you can make holiday classics as Bulletproof as alcohol can be. Here are a few recipes to carry you through Christmas and New Year’s.

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Bulletproof Eggnog

If you take out the sugar, eggnog is one of the most Bulletproof cocktails you can make. The egg yolks are full of good fats and brain-boosting nutrients like choline, and bourbon is a pretty clean spirit. Here’s a Bulletproof eggnog recipe with no sugar:


  • 4 pastured egg yolks
  • 1 can coconut milk (or raw, grass-fed cream, if you tolerate dairy)
  • 1 tsp nutmeg
  • 1 tsp ground organic Madagascar vanilla
  • 2 tbsp xylitol/erythritol/stevia
  • 4 beaten egg whites (beat these before you combine and blend!)
  • bourbon (optional)

Combine all ingredients and blend until creamy!


Biohacked wine

Typical wine can have 76 different additives, none of which the producers have to disclose on their labels. Artificial coloring, ammonia, defoaming agents, metals, added sugar, and all kinds of other odd chemicals contribute to the crushing hangover a lot of people get from wine.

Wine can also be high in inflammatory, carcinogenic mycotoxins from moldy vats or poor fermentation practices. Then there’s the huge pesticide load that wine grapes carry. Yuck.

The most Bulletproof wine comes from Dry Farm Wines. Todd, the founder, sources natural, organic, biodynamic, low-alcohol wine and lab tests it to be free of mold and additives. That means minimal inflammation and little to no hangover the next morning. You can hear Todd talk in-depth about biodynamic wine here on Bulletproof Radio.


View More: http://lianamikah.pass.us/bulletprooflifestyleLighter cocktails

Alcohol saps your vitamin B stores, which is part of what leaves you hung over. FATwater makes a good mixer for cocktails because it’s high in B vitamins and doesn’t have sugar. Here are three refreshing Bulletproof versions of classic cocktails that use FATwater:



Pour the liquor over the ice and top with the FATwater. Simple as that.


Rosemary Lemon Drop

  • 1.5 oz potato vodka
  • Fresh rosemary sprigs
  • Lemon FATwater
  • Lemon slices
  • Lemon zest
  • Ice

Drop 3-4 rosemary sprigs into your bottle of potato vodka and let it infuse for at least 24 hours. Combine the rosemary-infused vodka, lemon FATwater, ice, lemon slices, and lemon zest in a shaker. Shake and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with an extra slice of lemon or sprig of rosemary if you want to get fancy.


Pineapple Coconut Cooler

Blend ingredients together until creamy. Use about a 50/50 mix of pineapple FATwater and coconut milk.

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No matter what you drink, you won’t escape the fact that alcohol is a toxin. Here’s a complete guide to hacking your hangover to minimize the damage drinking does. Do you have favorite holiday cocktails? Leave your recipe in the comments! You can also subscribe below for more recipes and ways to upgrade your biology. Thanks for reading and have a great week.






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