Calorie Control Council Keeps You Fat so You Will Buy More

“Small changes can produce big results,” says Beth Hubrich, R.D., executive director of the Calorie Control Council, an international association representing the low-calorie and reduced-fat food and beverage industry. “Reducing portions, controlling calories, increasing physical activity and adding more “color” to the plate (e.g., including more fruits and vegetables) can help people prevent weight gain without feeling deprived.”

According to market research publisher, Packaged Facts, the global weight loss and diet management market  (including diet food and drinks, weight loss programs and services, surgical interventions and weight loss drugs and natural therapies) reached $26 billion in 2009. Diet, food, and drinks was the largest categories, with $18 billion — 73 percent of total worldwide sales. The development of foods and beverages that provide satiety, or hunger satisfaction, is projected to be one of the hottest trends in weight management in the coming years.



Argh! Low fat, low-calorie processed food companies have congealed together to become the “Calorie Control Council,” an industry trade group dedicated to conning consumers into eating low calorie (more expensive to buy, but cheaper to make) foods, while simultaneously exercising more.

Their scientists know (and have known for years) thatour bodies naturally increase our appetite when we exercise more, and if we don’t respond to that hunger by eating, we go into fat storage mode. If we eat sugar and starch (which is all that’s left in low-fat foods,) we go into fat storage mode even faster.

The Wharton MBA in me sees the brilliance of this evil campaign. Lobbying for low calorie foods is bad enough, but adding the exercise to it increases sales of these unhealthy foods, while making fat people feel guilty for eating other, normal or healthy foods. The science is spelled out in Gary Taubes best seller Good Calories, Bad Calories.

Take it from a guy (me) who lost 100lbs 15 years ago, and has kept it off ever since without dieting and without needing exercise. Throw away your low-calorie, low-fat foods. Replace them with healthy fats and watch your weight melt away as your brain turns back on and your energy levels go through the roof. (see the Bulletproof® Diet section)

I honestly eat at least 50 percent more calories now at 201 lbs, 6’4″ than I did when I weighed 300lbs. My cholesterol is great and I feel stronger and more alive. Here is a picture of my last shopping trip to buy grass-fed butter at Whole Foods. I’m serious! This is not new, and it’s backed by 150 years of medical science.




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