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1171. Nature’s Remedy: The Surprising Health Benefits of Urine Therapy

Explore the science and benefits of urine therapy with naturopath Darlene Teahen, as she demystifies this ancient practice and shares practical advice for modern biohackers.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Get ready for a fascinating episode with Darlene Teahen, a naturopath and researcher, who dives into the world of urine therapy. 

You’ll learn about the science and history behind using urine for health benefits, including detoxifying the body, reducing inflammation, and boosting overall wellness. Darlene shares insights from her PhD research and offers practical advice on how to safely incorporate urine therapy into your routine. 

Darlene tackles societal taboos head-on, providing a thorough exploration of this ancient healing method backed by modern science. Whether you’re curious about unconventional health practices or looking for new biohacking techniques, this episode delivers valuable information. 

This episode is packed with actionable insights on embracing unconventional methods, understanding the benefits of urine therapy, and integrating these practices into your daily life. Whether you’re an avid biohacker or just exploring new health strategies, you’ll find inspiration and practical advice here. 


“Anything that is biologically active in urine could be beneficial, and dismissing it as 'gross' might be missing out on a valuable health tool.”


00:00:01 — Introduction 

  • Introduction to the topic and initial thoughts on urine therapy 
  • Dave’s seventh-grade humor injects a bit of levity into the discussion 

00:01:07 — History and Initial Reactions 

  • Darlene shares the historical context of urine therapy 
  • Initial reactions and skepticism from both Dave and Darlene 

00:02:14 — Scientific Backing 

  • Recent studies showing stem cells present in urine 
  • Potential future applications of urine-derived stem cells 

00:03:16 — Introduction of Guest: Darlene Teahen 

  • Darlene’s professional background and credentials 
  • Her journey into exploring and researching urine therapy 

00:03:30 — Personal Experiences and Skepticism 

  • Dave recounts his personal experiences with urine therapy 
  • Darlene’s initial skepticism and how she overcame it 

00:04:18 — Research and Evidence 

  • Detailed discussion on scientific research supporting urine therapy 
  • Clinical evidence and practical applications discussed 

00:05:49 — Practical Applications 

  • How to safely incorporate urine therapy into daily health practices 
  • Different methods of application: drinking, injecting, and topical use 

00:06:53 — Societal and Medical Perspectives 

  • Societal taboos and cultural perspectives on urine therapy 
  • The medical community’s stance and potential future acceptance 

00:07:40 — Personal and Professional Insights 

  • Darlene’s insights into the emotional and spiritual aspects of urine therapy 
  • Professional observations on the therapy’s impact on overall wellness 

00:08:03 — Emotional and Spiritual Aspects 

  • The connection between emotional health and urine therapy 
  • How addressing societal taboos can lead to greater self-acceptance 

00:08:58 — Advanced Techniques and Future Studies 

  • Advanced techniques in urine therapy and their potential benefits 
  • Future studies needed to further validate and understand the practice 


Enjoy the show!


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