EP 1179

1179. Lies I Taught in Medical School

Dr. Robert Lufkin, a renowned figure in biohacking and longevity, discusses the misconceptions taught in medical schools and their impact on public health.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

In this episode of The Human Upgrade, Dr. Robert Lufkin delves into the misconceptions in medical education and the vital importance of metabolic health. He discusses how outdated practices in medical training can negatively impact public health and shares insights on the critical role of personalized nutrition in enhancing metabolic health. 

Dr. Lufkin explores the connection between hormones and aging, highlighting new therapies that target hormonal balance. He also explains the paradigm shift in health, emphasizing the need to move beyond conventional wisdom and integrate new scientific research into everyday practice. 

You will learn about the latest advances in medical technology and how tech-driven interventions can extend HealthSpan. Dr. Lufkin also addresses the challenge of overcoming medical dogmas, stressing the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in the medical field. 

Tune in to discover emerging trends in personalized medicine, the future of healthcare, and practical strategies for improving health and longevity. This episode offers valuable knowledge and actionable advice for navigating the evolving landscape of modern medicine.  


“Medical school taught us to follow a path that leads to chronic disease rather than preventing it. It's time to rethink and reeducate.”


(00:01:03) Introduction to Dr. Robert Lufkin 

  • Overview of Dr. Lufkin’s career and contributions to biohacking and longevity 
  • Importance of questioning conventional medical teachings 

(00:04:51) Misconceptions in Medical Education 

  • Common myths taught in medical school 
  • Impact of outdated practices on public health 

(00:12:27) Metabolic Health and Diet 

  • The metabolic impact of different diets 
  • Importance of personalized nutrition 

(00:16:32) Hormones and Aging 

  • Role of hormones in the aging process 
  • New therapies targeting hormonal balance 

(00:21:10) The Paradigm Shift in Health 

  • Moving beyond conventional wisdom 
  • Integrating new scientific research into practice 

(00:29:17) The Role of Technology in Longevity 

  • Advances in medical technology 
  • Potential of tech-driven health interventions 

(00:33:27) Extending Healthspan 

  • Strategies for extending healthspan 
  • Importance of lifestyle changes 

(00:40:54) Future of Medicine 

  • Emerging trends in the medical field 
  • The future of personalized medicine 

(01:00:32) Intermittent Fasting Benefits 

  • Benefits of intermittent fasting 
  • How fasting affects metabolism and longevity 

(01:10:15) The Role of Exercise in Longevity 

  • Types of exercises beneficial for longevity 
  • Balancing exercise and rest 

(01:30:18) Advancements in Anti-Aging Therapies 

  • Latest advancements in anti-aging research 
  • Practical applications of new therapies 

(01:45:22) Closing Thoughts 

  • Final thoughts and summary of the interview 
  • Encouragement for listeners to take control of their health 


Enjoy the show!


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