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BIO01 Quarterly

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I have been working for months to get the first biohacking box ready for shipment and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. These boxes pack tons of cool biohacking products together for a fraction of the cost that you would pay if you bought each product individually. If you’re serious about biohacking, or a passionate beginner, you should be subscribing to these boxes. The products inside serve as a great way to experiment with new biohacking tools every few months.

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What I didn’t include: The Bulletproof Diet!

You may notice that inside this box, I didn’t include the new Bulletproof Diet, which came out this month. The Bulletproof Diet is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, project I’ve worked on this year. It’s well-worth buying if you’re a long-time Bulletproof fan, or if you’re just getting started on your biohacking journey. You can order it here and get a free digital copy of the Upgraded Chef cookbook!

Without further ado, here’s what’s inside #BIO01

BIO01 Quarterly box by Dave Asprey

1. Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker

There are many good ways to make coffee. The Aeropress is an awesome way to make coffee, especially on the road. It uses pressure to make good quality coffee (or espresso) without a ton of equipment. This is a great alternative to an espresso machine.

2. EPIC bars (Bison and Lamb)

EPIC bars are awesome protein bars made with grass-fed meat. They’re somewhat similar to jerky, but they’re a category of their own. These bars serve as a great snack, and they’re delicious!

3. Colostrum from Surthrival

Colostrum is what a cow produces for a few days after giving birth, and this comes from Daniel Vitalis’ company, Surthrival. There are over 4,000 clinical studies about the benefits of this stuff. I’ve used colostrum for a long time, and include a source of colostrum in Bulletproof Whey. It’s best to mix into an unheated drink (don’t ruin it by blending it into hot coffee).

4. Dessicated Liver Capsules

Liver is gross. But thankfully, you can get grass-fed dessicated liver capsules that don’t put you through the misery of eating liver. I often take a few of these each day, especially while travelling.

5. BPA-free soap dish (for your butter)

Using a soap dish is by far the easiest way to travel with grass-fed butter. I’ve flown hundreds of times with butter in a soap dish, and it simply does not cause a problem at airport security. But, if they ask, just tell them it’s a medical food with a smile.

6. Holosync Binaural Beats Demo CD

I’ve been using Holosync tracks for years before bed. These tracks combine binaural beats with other sounds that help you access brain waves that wouldn’t be able to control as easily by yourself. This demo cd contains several tracks you can try before buying the full program.

7. 6-Month Membership to Restwise ($100 value)

Recovery is a huge part of being Bulletproof. Restwise is an online platform that helps you track your recovery. This is especially useful for athletes and coaches, but can be used by anyone with an exercise routine.

8. Powerlung Coupon (15% off)

The Powerlung has been available on the Bulletproof store for a long time. This tool is great for increasing the strength of your lungs. It’s absolutely noticeable when training for sports performance or even public speaking.

9. Rapid Response Urinalysis Test Strips

These urinalysis strips are great for measuring when you’re getting into ketosis, which is one of the goals of the Bulletproof Diet. Ketosis isn’t necessary all the time, but it’s a superior metabolic state where your body is burning ketones for fuel rather than glucose. When you’re first getting into ketosis, these strips will show you how many ketones you’re excreting through your urine. After you’re fully keto-adapted, it’s best to opt for a blood strip to test your ketones, as you’ll stop sending them to the toilet!

10. The Golden Ticket: The Muse Brain Sensing Headband

One lucky subscriber to this box will get the amazing Muse Brain Sensing Headband. This is one of the devices that’s the future of easy-to-use neurofeedback tech. Anyone can figure out how to use the Muse, and it requires no messy saline solution or electrodes to stick to your head. Everyone who got the box will get a discount coupon for the Muse!

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