Dave Asprey’s 4th Biohacking Box – #BIO04


#BIO04, the fourth Biohacking Box, was all about travel hacking. It’s filled with items that can help increase resilience, especially while you’re on the road. The subscribers are raving about the contents and the value in these boxes, and the box is great for people looking to find new biohacking items that I use every day. Subscribe here for the next box. Who knows what the theme will be?

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“I’ve been a subscriber since box number one and every box is overflowing with amazing, useful, new and interesting things. Also, the value of the contents is always greater than the investment, often by quite a bit. I can’t wait to see what’s in the next one!” – Bev M.

Here’s a rundown of the biohacking goodies in this box:

The DefenderPad from DefenderShield

The DefenderPad protects your important bits from radiation and the custom Bulletproof logo on this DefenderPad makes it even cooler than most. Scientific studies have linked radiation and heat exposure to problems with fertility, skin quality, and DNA fragmentation, among other health concerns. DefenderShield uses patented shielding materials to block radiation from WiFi, Bluetooth, EMFs, and cellular devices. Independent FCC testing showed that these filters eliminate almost 100% of the harmful radiation, and they have products to fit your laptop, cell phones, and tablets. DefenderShield has also extended a special offer for the entire Bulletproof community – Get 15% off anything on their site with code – “bulletproof15”. Click here to visit their shop.

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60Beat BLUE Heart Rate Monitor

The 60Beat BLUE is a heart rate monitoring device that works with over 50 wellness apps on both iOS and Android phones. This includes apps for hacking meditation, sleep, numerous different types of exercise, heart rate variability training, and more. You can use this device to gather data from all of those different hacking apps, or best of all pair it with the Bulletproof Stress Detective App to monitor and hack your stress levels.

Stress Detective App for BOTH iOS and Android!

I’m happy to announce that we’ve finally completed the all new Android version of the Stress Detective App and that Android users can now download it off the Google Play store! To kick off the announcement, we gave subscribers an opportunity to download a pre-release version of the app weeks before it hit virtual shelves. The Stress Detective App works with heart rate devices like the 60Beat BLUE to help you to monitor your stress and Heart Rate Variability levels, as well as test for food sensitivities and helps you to use that data to train yourself to be more resilient, control your stress levels, and increase your HRV. I’m excited to finally have this available on both mobile platforms.


Easily, one of the simplest and most effective hacks I use every time I fly. Earplanes are earplugs with a little something extra. They have a small bead filter built into them to regulate your ear pressure as altitude changes. Earplanes make flying much more pleasant, and they’re especially important if you’re flying while you have a cold or congested sinuses, since the quick change in pressure can rupture an eardrum and cause deafness. Carry these with you whenever you are flying and you’ll minimize ear discomfort, clogging, and that annoying popping. Save your ears!

HDPE Travel Bottle

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a particularly stable BPA-free plastic, so bottles made from it won’t impart any flavor or odors to whatever you store in them. The bottle in this box is a TSA-friendly size at 3oz. These little things are the best travel bottles I’ve found for carrying Brain Octane and XCT oil on the road. They’re leak-proof and non-absorptive, and I always have a few when I travel.

Upgraded Coconut Charcoal

Activated charcoal is one of the oldest detox remedies known to man, and I always carry some with me just in case I am exposed to toxins in the environment or food I’ve eaten. Each granule of charcoal in these capsules has a porous surface and a negative electric charge that help it bind to positively charged toxins and usher them out of the body. Charcoal eliminates toxins from low-quality processed foods and environmental pollution, and can even help prevent jet lag since it binds to the endotoxins released by your gut microbiome when they become distressed. I never leave home without some charcoal.

Unfair Advantage samples

Unfair Advantage is the most important supplement I’ve created. The ActivePQQ and CoQ10 in Unfair Advantage work to repair and rebuild your mitochondria, the energy-producing power plants in your cells. Unfair Advantage combines these compounds with a patented colloidal delivery system to make sure they make it through your digestive tract and get into your cells, where they can do their work. Improving the health of your mitochondria can help improve performance in physical workouts, make for a stronger and more resilient brain, and promote heart and nerve cell function.

MyIntent Project

The people at the MyIntent Project craft custom jewelry with a word of your choosing on it – your intent. The jewelry serves as a reminder of the things you value and is a way to spark meaningful conversations with others. Your word can be a virtue that you want more of in your life, a challenge you want to overcome, or something that you are passionate about. I chose the word “UPGRADE,” since I strive to upgrade everything in my life on a daily basis and want to help others do the same. What’s Your Word?
The MyIntent Project has offered a discount to the Bulletproof community – 25% off anything on their site until 11/30 with code – “BIOHACK25”. Click here to choose your word or give the gift of Intent.

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Golden Ticket Items:

With every Quarterly Biohacking Box, I also find partners to work with us to give away a bunch of awesome items to randomly selected subscribers, and to pass on additional discounts and offers on their products and services that we can’t fit into the box to help make biohacking more accessible to everyone. This is a way for me to add even more value to the box and to negotiate discounts for you without using any of the budget for the box items.

Mineral Power Hair Mineral Analysis Test & 1-Hour Mineral Supplement Consult

Wendy Myers is the founder of Liveto110, a forward-thinking anti-aging company. Wendy is also one of the leading experts on detoxification and mineral supplementation, and her expertise made for a great interview on Bulletproof Radio earlier this year. She offered 10 Hair Mineral Analysis Test Golden Tickets, as well as a substantial discount off of her Mineral Power program to Quarterly subscribers, which includes a 1-hour mineral supplementation consultation. Wendy has kindly extended an additional offer of $100 off her program to the Bulletproof community with code – “BP100”. Click HERE for more info.

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MovNat Natural Movement™ Fitness

Erwan Le Corre, my friend and the founder of MovNat, generously provided a dozen pairs of his amazingly comfortable Natural Movement fitness shoes as Golden Ticket items. MovNat is the world leader in Natural Movement Fitness. Erwan and MovNat have been featured in publications such as Men’s Health, New York Times, Washington Post, Outside Magazine and best-selling author Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run and Natural Born Heroes. Erwan has also graciously offered Bulletproof readers a substantial discount on all Natural Movement Workshops and Trainer Certification Courses.
Search for a Natural Movement Workshop and use code – “BP20EMPOWER”
Find a Trainer Certification Course and use code – “BP25EMPOWER”

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The 2015 Bulletproof Biohacking Conference

To cap off the giveaways, I threw in two full-access passes to the 2015 Bulletproof Conference for two lucky winners. The event was amazing and I was happy to give two people the chance to attend the conference for free to show my gratitude for subscribing. It’s passionate people like our Quarterly box subscribers who made that event such a success!

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“Extraordinary encounters with unique products to augment a healthy lifestyle.” It’s like a special birthday present 4 times a year. :)” – Angela F.







“I look forward to Dave’s boxes and have personally added something from each one into my daily life. I recommend it to anyone with a growth mindset!” -Hunter B.




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