Ground Bacon Burger Heaven

Thanks to Food Beast and Business Insider for writing about a chain called Slater’s 50/50 which is offering a 100% bacon patty, with thick cut bacon, bacon cheddar, and bacon island dressing. What genius!

  • 100 percent ground bacon patty.
  • The dressing is called “bacon island.” (I make one like this; add 1 tsp of bacon grease to homemade dressing.)
  • The cheese is bacon cheddar. (Bleah, cheese! Not Bulletproof!)
  • There’s a slice of thick-cut bacon too. (Like putting chocolate sauce on chocolate!)
  • One sunny side up egg. (Sweet! Unoxidized cholesterol for hormones and choline for nervous system function!)
  • Some kind of nasty gluten bun. (Replace with lettuce, or mochi cooked in a sandwich maker if you’re eating carbs.)

The genius inventor of this burger dubbed it the ‘merica. Available through the end of July at Slater’s 50/50 in Southern California.

Bacon is a passion of mine but poor quality bacon is a major source of toxins. You can be Bulletproof with your bacon, but you need to be as careful with it as you are with coffee. We’re talking artisan cured, pastured heritage hogs, cooked over low heat. You want ascorbic acid in the cure, and it doesn’t matter if celery powder or nitrates are used; they’re essentially the same thing. Celery is the common veggie highest in nitrites; companies powder it and say “nitrate free” while benefiting from the presence of nitrites in bacon.

It’s not just me who notices the difference – look at this Bulletproof Forum thread!

Had this burger? Make one like it? I want to hear about it!




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