5 Ways to Enjoy the Holiday Meals — and Not Feel Like Crap

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Here’s the scenario: You cut out your sugar and empty carbs in favor of high-quality fats. You pile your plate with enough vegetables to kill a cow. You’re getting more done in a day than you ever thought possible. You feel amazing, and the physical changes are the icing on your grain-free cake.

Then, comes holiday time. Will it all go down the tubes?

With a little planning, you’ll do just fine during the holidays. Rest assured, you can fully participate without derailing your progress. Read on for tips on how to join in on the festivities without losing your momentum.

Here are some ways to keep on track.

Go into the holidays strong and well-rested

Before the holiday meal, make sure you’ve had a good night’s sleep and your morning Bulletproof Coffee. When you’re tired, you feel it in places beyond your eyelids, including your hunger hormones and happiness neurotransmitters. The healthy fats in your Bulletproof Coffee will keep your hunger at bay and keep your blood sugar from doing crazy things.

It’s harder to say “no” to Grandma’s blue-ribbon pie when you’re off your game, and meeting your basic needs for sleep and energy will keep you strong.

Bring something delicious to share

If you make something to bring to the festivities, you can be sure you’ll have something to eat. You can also show the naysayers that you didn’t give anything up by upgrading your life. With a few tweaks, you can have all the wonderful things you normally see on the holiday table.

A few crowd pleasers you can whip up:

Your serving plate will go empty first. Just watch.

Let them eat cake… in peace

It’s natural to want to share something that has such an impact on your life. Instead, resist the urge to educate others on the Bulletproof Lifestyle as they’re grabbing another helping of mashed potatoes and dinner rolls. It’ll feel like helping from your end, but it’ll feel like judging from their end. Nobody wants that, especially during a celebration.

If someone asks what you’re up to with that coconut whipped cream, by all means, share why you love it. As long as they’re genuinely curious and you don’t get preachy, you’re good.

What does this have to do with kryptonite? Kryptonite isn’t limited to food — it’s anything that saps your performance, stress included.

Don’t expect anyone to accommodate your new lifestyle

Your family wants to make holiday memories with you, and they don’t want to exclude you from any bit of it.

However, expecting everyone to accommodate your new way of eating is simply unfair. Putting on a holiday feast is enough work as it is, and asking someone to learn about damaged fats, gluten, insulin, and lectins would put an unreasonable burden on the host.

Even the most flexible and willing family would have a hard time with it. Think about it — there’s an adjustment period over the first few days on the Bulletproof Diet. The first few days your metabolism is changing while at the same time you’re reframing your thinking on what good food means. You can’t put that on your family as they’re trying to relax and enjoy each other.

Your family might ask you if they can help, and that’s incredibly considerate of them. If they insist, offer up one of the recipes above.


holiday diet strategies


Or, give in and go wild for the holidays

If you feel like it, you can toss out all the rules for a day. Doing that might even benefit you in the long run. Pay attention to how crummy you feel in the next few days.

After the bloating, the cramping, the rashes, the mood swings, the skin breakouts, the creaky joints…however your body reacts, it won’t be pretty, and you’ll think twice before doing that again. Coconut charcoal capsules help clear out your system.

If you go a little crazy, especially with the booze, some detox action may be in order. Here’s how to hack your hangover and generally get the yuck out as quickly as possible.

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Be grateful

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you eat, what spiritual practice you follow. Gratitude is uplifting to everyone.

Ask everyone who’s celebrating with you to start by going around and saying something they’re thankful for. Then, observe everyone’s expression change to a contented happy one as they relax into the meal.

Oh, and be sure thank your host, even if you couldn’t eat a single crumb. Putting on a holiday celebration is a lot of effort.

Inevitably, at least one or two people will notice how amazing you look, how good the food you brought tastes, and how much energy you have. Get ready to answer some questions about the Bulletproof lifestyle. You’re an inspiration!

Thanks so much for reading and have an epic holiday season filled with love and gratitude.


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