Hacking Menopausal Weight Gain – Interventions With Dave

Cheryl Fraser, Ph.D.

Learn to think about health problems differently, ask questions that lead to answers, and upgrade your biology.


In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… Dave talks with Cheryl Fraser, Ph.D., about menopausal weight gain and ways to manage changing hormones and metabolic mayhem.

As a Buddhist psychologist, sex therapist, author and speaker, Cheryl’s sharp, frank, and fearless. She’s also deeply frustrated about gaining weight during menopause that just won’t budge. She’s put on 15 pounds in the past five years. Despite doing various eating programs and being physically active, she continues to struggle with weight loss and metabolic stability.

In this “Interventions with Dave” episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Learned helplessness
  • Low DHEA
  • Testosterone’s role in female health
  • Adrenal hormones
  • Managing cortisol
  • Keto cycling
  • Thyroid function influences energy
  • Thyroid supplements
  • Meats high in Omega-6
  • Biohacks for lymphatic drainage & detox
  • Upgraded fitness hacks
  • Red and infrared light effects on blood flow and nitric oxide
  • Recovery benefits
Cheryl Fraser, Ph.D.


"Things have changed, but you never need to accept it. There's always a way. It just might not be the way you thought it was."

Dave Asprey

More about Cheryl Fraser, Ph.D.
Cheryl is a sought-after media psychologist and relationship expert who combines academic credibility, humor, straight-talk, and life-changing advice. She has helped thousands of couples jumpstart their love life and create passion that lasts a lifetime. She is an international speaker on the topic of Love and Passion and has been a guest expert for Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield of “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” and more. Cheryl’s approach to life and to helping others is based in her practice of meditation and Buddhism, which she has studied for 25 years.

Note: The “Interventions With Dave” recommendations are designed to help you upgrade yourself and your biology so you can perform better at everything you do. They are not, however, a substitute for advice or treatment by a trained medical professional that may be needed for specific health conditions, illness or injury.

Enjoy the show!

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  • I hit menopause right on Canadian female average, right at 52. – 3:31
  • After multiple “failures,” doing the correct things from wise guidance and doing them to the letter and having them not yield a result, in terms of weight loss, fat loss, inches loss, I got discouraged.  – 6:22
  • Dutch test, which is one of the many ways you can look at your sex hormones and some other things, your DHEA is at the very low end of the range.  – 10:33
  • The energy is lacking. It’s like the gas tank is low, although the mental emotional focus is really strong, and the attitude is strong. The body’s not supporting it.  – 15:24
  • There’s blood sugar issues, et cetera. But it is something that helps both. It’s an adaptogenic herb when taken in the morning.  – 19:27
  • Turns out acidity gives you energy as well. And alkalinity gives you endurance. So, you want a spike in acid.  – 26:02
  • It’s because we’ve got soybean and corn and omega-6 oils and corn syrup and pollutants and glyphosate, all kinds of bad stuff. So, you don’t want to be average. Average sucks.  – 28:46
  • But if there’s no electricity flowing, you can’t do it. And if there’s no blood flowing because your cortisol is too low, you can’t do it.  – 30:51
  • Dave:
    our thyroid globulin is a little high and your reverse T3 is slightly high. Why is thyroid globulin high? Let’s see what’s going on with that. Did they say anything about your thyroglobulin?  – 33:04
  • When you get your testosterone, your thyroid and maybe your cortisol working, you’re going to go, “Oh, this is fantastic. Look what’s happening to me.” And it’s going to feel very different for you.  – 37:37
  • One of the things we do is we have a specific kind of medically certified compression pants. And there’s all kinds of compression things out there. But they don’t actually work with the limp channels the way the ones that we use. – 41:44
  • I’m going to jump in the ocean or use a shower at home, how many minutes and I presume you need to immerse everything including your head?  – 44:07

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