Is Your Body Talking To You?

Is Your Body Talking To You?

As biohackers, we know that our bodies are always communicating with us through signals like pain, pleasure, and temperature. But the better question is, are we really listening? In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to overlook these messages and ignore what our bodies are trying to tell us.

At-Home Screening

But what if I told you that you can now take control of your health and wellness by performing at-home screenings? With the rise of telemedicine and at-home test kits, patient empowerment, early detection, and cost-effectiveness have become key drivers in self-care and self-testing. Home screening can safely identify unusual or low levels of necessary elements in our body.

I recently started working with a company, Knowing Labs, who provides a wide range of detection tests for Men’s and Women’s Health, Food Sensitivity, Weight and Energy, Inflammation, and more. 

They offer the confidence of professional and national certifications. Knowing Labs laboratory is CLIA certified with CAP-accredited pathologists. Simply put, their lab operates according to national standards for testing accuracy, reliability, and timeliness, regardless of where or by whom the test is done. 

You can order online on their website for whichever testing kit you’d like. Each test kit will arrive with all you’ll need, including detailed instructions and a return shipping label. It’s that easy. All you have to do is collect your sample, and you send it off for shipping. You didn’t need to leave your home at all. Once they receive your sample(s), results are available in a few days, and should you require additional diagnostics, you’ll already have the results in your hands. 

Your Well-Being

Well-being doesn’t relate to just illness or disease. Well-being is coupled with happiness and self-actualization. Freeing ourselves from the stress over our health is a large part of feeling good. Our makeup is so much more than the mind and body. We are a combination of physical, mental, sexual, and emotional components working together smoothly… until they don’t. It’s a delicate synchronization between these four areas, and when one begins to fail, the other three often operate at less than optimum level.

Never more than today have we been so focused on upgrading our biology in every aspect of life. Learning to manage stress, self-care, and diet has become a natural part of our lifestyle. Knowing Labs recognizes that managing good health can be challenging, so they facilitate healthy discussions through exclusive online communities where our members support each other through real-life experiences.

Thomas Jefferson said, “knowledge is power,” and that’s precisely why at-home testing works. We take your health seriously and partner with you to feel the best you can! Our test kits are scientifically designed to take the guesswork out of your health care and offer accessibility and convenience. Below is a list of test kits now available:

  • Female Fertility Female Hormone Inflammation
  • Male Fertility Male Wellness Menopause
  • PSA Panel Sleep & Stress Thyroid Panel
  • Vitamin D Weight & Energy Food Sensitivity

Final Thoughts

As biohackers, we know that knowledge is power. And by taking control of your health and wellness through at-home screenings, you can stay ahead of the curve and optimize your body’s performance. Order your at-home screening test today at and start listening to the messages your body is sending.

If you want to start listening to your body, check out Knowing Labs and use code DAVE for 20% off on your next laboratory panel.

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