5 Ways to Find Meaning and Trust in a Skeptical World – Jamie Wheal, Part 3 with Dave Asprey – #847

Core cultural transformation includes access to inspiration, peak states, healing, and connection in a stable, consistent way over time.

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When Jamie Wheal comes on Bulletproof Radio we always dig into mind-bending topics. This time, our conversation spans a special four-part mini-series to discuss his new book: “Recapture the Rapture: Rethinking God, Sex and Death in a World That’s Lost its Mind.”

In this Part 3 episode, we talk about the “meaning crisis” and the role of biohacking in human consciousness.

Jamie makes the case that more than ever people generally distrust and scrutinize larger governing institutions. When people don’t trust the things they used to trust, they’re led to greater stress, less connection and are more likely to reach for extremism and nihilism.

“Any belief system where people are doubling and tripling down in the face of contravening evidence, that’s happening, and so is nihilism, where people are just giving up knowing anything at all or the fact that anything is actually ever truly knowable,” Jamie says. “We see the rise in diseases and despair and all the accompanying rudderlessness. We’re in a tight spot, and it’s not happening in a vacuum, right?”

Our conversation focuses on ways to find belonging and how you can be in tune with the part of yourself that wants to flee in times of stress. You can get out of a hive-mind centered world, which keeps your body in hyper-stress mode, and instead get into prioritizing range and resiliency in your body, mind and heart.

In order to transform cultural consciousness, Jamie’s research found five techniques that most commonly help you do that: respiration, embodiment, sexuality, substances and music. You’ll learn how to do each of these activities intentionally and get the best results for you.

“We need to reclaim the story of what’s happening and where do we all go now together,” Jamie says.

Jamie studies neuroanthropology, which brings together culture, biology, and psychology. He’s the founder of the international Flow Genome Project, an organization that helps people reach their peak human performance.  He’s currently focusing on Hedonic Engineering, a combination of neuroscience and optimal psychology. His book looks at the world’s collapse of meaning, the embracing of nihilism, and how you can shift your stories to tackle the world by connecting to others and revitalizing yourself.

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Be sure to follow the conversation to its conclusion in Part 4.

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5 Ways to Find Meaning and Trust in a Skeptical World – Jamie Wheal, Part 3 with Dave Asprey – #847


Website: www.flowgenomeproject.com
Book: “Recapture the Rapture: Rethinking God, Sex, and Death in a World That’s Lost Its Mind
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Flowgenome/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/flowgenome/
Twitter: twitter.com/flowgenome
YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/FlowGenomeProjectTV/featured

Key Notes

  • For the first time ever in human history, more people don’t belong to anything than belong to all the other things. That is a radical unmooring of who we are and how we identify.  – 3:51
  • There’s no more Walter Cronkite, right? There’s no more sane. – 6:46
  • There’s just some very bottom of the Maslow’s hierarchy kind of things that have to get done and aren’t getting resolved in a meaningful way.  – 8:55
  • How much of this is actually just quiet people in the middle being, “Could you idiots just shut up on both ends? We want to just live our lives.” Do you have data or a sense of that?  – 10:57
  • If we can declutter the dysfunctional things and we can make healthy, positive choices more readily available and supported, most people will choose to do the right thing.  – 14:16
  • We’ve actually got to dial back the clock and say, “Bottom four billion has got to be cheap or free.”  – 15:48
  • We’re all suffering micro-PTSD, and many of us have hits of macro-PTSD. If we have ways to discharge that, if we have ways to get back to zero, just level balance, then we have a chance to live forwards giving it our best shot, not forever dragging anchors behind us.  – 21:25
  • Our monophasic culture of the Western world is typically tired, wired, and stressed. That’s how we often feel. It’s hyperactive beta wave activity, super focused executive function and default mode network rumination, poor air exchange, often a lot of persistent fight/flight stress, neurochemistry, norepinephrine, cortisol, all the things that are great for fleeing the tiger and rot your bones. – 24:03
  • Seven of the top 10 companies in the world right now are all about stitching up our noosphere, about creating a shared meshwork – 30:53
  • Fundamentally, Dumbledore’s Army versus the Death Eaters. He’s like, “There’s going to be people that are drawn towards this global humanist project being lived by love, and there’s going to be people that aren’t and that are resisting it and digging in their heels and looking to smash and grab.” – 31:49
  • Another book that I’d super recommend on this front is called The Ministry for the Future,  – 34:19
  • You came up, after all of the research you did, both the hard science as well as looking at traditions and looking at various cultures, and you said there’s really five techniques, and that’s what it all comes down to. What are the five techniques?  – 36:45
  • These aren’t the only five, and you could absolutely have your own list and make a case. But the ones that seem to come up again and again were respiration, embodiment, sexuality, substances, and music.  – 37:08
  • So that kind of gets us to the dying part, right? Do you want to dive into that?  – 42:21

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