The Secrets to Creating Your Own Happy, Healthy Life

Jason Wachob

The solution to achieving optimal health and vitality through a mindful and prioritized approach to your well-being.


In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Looking for a more balanced and fulfilling life? A life where you prioritize your own self-awareness and holistic wellness? Well, Jason Wachob has the solution to help you achieve optimal health and vitality through a mindful and prioritized approach to your well-being.

Jason Wachob is the founder of Mind Body Green and a thought leader in the world of holistic wellness. As a husband, father, and entrepreneur, Jason knows firsthand the challenges that come with striking a balance between personal and professional life.

Over the past 15 years, he has dedicated himself to helping others pursue happiness and well-being through a multi-faceted approach that encompasses physical health, mental well-being, and emotional fulfillment.

Jason’s passion for longevity, joy, and meaningful connections has led him to create a platform where individuals can find the information and inspiration they need to live their best lives.

In this episode, Jason will teach you how to fortify your emotional well-being by fostering social connections and community ties. Enhance the environment through the adoption of regenerative agriculture and sustainable farming techniques. Discover happiness and significance by focusing on the crucial aspects of life. Fine-tune your diet by paying attention to your body’s unique needs for optimal health.

So if you want to cultivate empathy and sidestep divisiveness with a more open-minded and compassionate approach, this is the episode for you.

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"I think it's also important to acknowledge practices that have real science and meaning behind them and be okay if it doesn't fit for you."

Jason Wachob

What you will learn:

  • Strengthen emotional resilience by building meaningful social relationships and forging community bonds.

  • Contribute positively to the planet through eco-friendly farming practices and pollution reduction.

  • Uncover the keys to a joyful, purposeful existence by concentrating on life’s true priorities.

  • Customize your nutritional intake by listening to your body’s specific requirements for wellness.

  • Embrace diverse perspectives and prevent polarization by fostering empathy and understanding.

Enjoy the show!

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00:00:01 – Introduction,
Dave Asprey welcomes Jason Wachob, the founder of Mind Body Green, to the show. They discuss their friendship and Mind Body Green’s new book, The Joy of Well Being, which curates information from different wellness experts to provide practical advice for improving health and happiness.

00:02:25 – The Journey to Longevity,
Jason shares his personal journey to prioritizing longevity and preventing genetic health issues. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining quality of life as we age, and explains how his views on wellness have shifted over time.

00:07:01 – Balancing Health and Business,
Dave and Jason discuss the tradeoffs between prioritizing health and running a business or raising a family. They acknowledge the challenges of finding time for wellness practices and provide tips for incorporating health into a busy lifestyle.

00:09:32 – Sarcopenia and Protein,
Jason discusses the importance of resistance training and adequate protein intake for maintaining lean muscle mass and preventing sarcopenia, particularly as we age. He notes that animal protein is superior to plant protein for building muscle, but acknowledges the emotional complexity of the topic.

00:13:22 – Prioritizing Wellness,
Dave and Jason both express their struggles with prioritizing wellness practices amidst an abundance of biohacking options. They emphasize the importance of ruthless prioritization and seek out diverse perspectives to inform their decisions.

00:14:56 – Intentionality and Connection,
Jason emphasizes the importance of intentionality and connection when it comes to finding joy in life. He also highlights the mental health crisis we are facing and the need for meaningful connections, which can bring joy and emotional health.

00:16:13 – Stress Resilience,
Dave and Jason discuss the importance of stress resilience and how hormetic stressors can produce stress resilience. They also talk about the benefits of cold showers and saunas in teaching the body stress resilience.

00:19:20 – Finding Joy in Discomfort,
Dave and Jason discuss the idea of finding joy in discomfort and pushing oneself outside of their comfort zone. They acknowledge that not everyone enjoys the same activities, and it’s important to find practices that work for each individual.

00:24:59 – Regenerative Change,
Jason and Dave discuss the environmental crisis and the need for regenerative change. They talk about the importance of regenerative farming, reducing food and clothing waste, and eliminating harmful chemicals like glyphosate and PFAS to support the planet and our health.

00:30:44 – The Impact of Fast Fashion,
Jason Wachob discusses the negative impact of fast fashion on the environment and highlights that it is not just lower-income individuals driving the industry. He emphasizes the importance of buying clothes that are sustainably sourced and will be worn for a long time to reduce waste.

00:32:39 – Voting with Your Dollars,
When asked what the first step towards a regenerative future is, Jason suggests voting with your dollars and being mindful of where products are sourced and how they were made. He also emphasizes the importance of having an open mind and being open to different points of view.

00:38:24 – The Importance of Meaningful Connection,
Jason highlights the epidemic of a lack of meaningful connection and its impact on mental health. He discusses the Rosetto study, which showed that a strong sense of community can lower mortality rates. Jason emphasizes the importance of emotional health and prioritizing meaningful connections.

00:44:16 – The Joy of Well-Being,
Dave commends Jason for his book, “The Joy of Well-Being,” and how it provides a high-density of wisdom by curating the experiences of many different individuals. They discuss the importance of prioritizing different aspects of health and well-being and feeling into what matters most at any given time.

00:46:26 – Message to Vegans,
Dave and Jason express their love and support for vegans while promoting regenerative agriculture. They discuss the benefits of a vegetarian diet for spiritual reasons but also acknowledge the health benefits of consuming meat when necessary.

00:47:04 – Teasing Vegans,
Dave and Jason continue their discussion on veganism, emphasizing that teasing should not be taken personally and that vegans should not hate on those who eat meat. They suggest that therapy or eating a meatball could benefit those who feel hurt by teasing.

00:47:25 – Wrap Up,
Dave thanks Jason for the discussion and jokes with the audience. He encourages listeners to join the Upgrade Collective for access to his knowledge and live interviews with guests.

00:46:42 – Spiritual Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet,
Jason explains that some yogis choose to eat meat for higher consciousness and energy. He shares his experience teaching yoga teachers to eat meat to sustain their demanding schedules.

00:47:53 – Upgrade Collective,
Dave promotes the Upgrade Collective as a way for listeners to access his knowledge and interact with live interviews with guests. He thanks the audience for their support and laughter.

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