How to Eat Bulletproof at Holiday Parties: An “Insta-Guide”

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Creative genius meets refreshingly relatable and kooky person, Jen Gotch is the co-founder of, a women’s lifestyle brand that hit the multimillion-dollar mark in its infancy. Where does Gotch get the gumption, energy, and creativity to power through it all as Chief Creative Officer? She willingly admits she fuels herself daily with Bulletproof Coffee. Not afraid to tell it like it is – blemishes and all – Gotch is also on the Bulletproof Diet. Here she gives us a glimpse into what being Bulletproof during the holidays – and on the party circuit, no less – is all about.

To bring or not to bring your own food to that fancy holiday soiree – that is the question. Gotch asks her friend Busy Phillips if packing her avocado – a staple on the Bulletproof Diet – is cool.

Keen to support Gotch in her healthy-eating endeavors – Busy gives Gotch the good-ol’ Insta “thumbs up.” Sweet relief? Or did the struggle just get real?

Gotch gets down and dirty with the details of her food prep. Packing cashews, Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Collagen Protein Bar, flask of tequila, Lord Jones gummies, and that notorious avo in her bag, Gotch is ready to party.

Watch Gotch share in the merry. It’s time to BYOA (Bring Your Own Avo) and the cutting is cunning.

While her date Orlando enjoys his soupy flavors, Gotch admires her avo – for all of Insta world to see.

No shame in her game, Jen ferrets for her cashews. Well… It’s all coming together – the meal, that is – and works for her. Who cares what the rest of the world thinks anyway?

Orlando sings sweet melodies to Gotch – taunting her with every spoonful of his heavenly dessert. Or is it really that heavenly? Judging by Gotch’s giggles, she is doing just fine enjoying that kryptonite from a distance. Looks like the holiday party was a smashing success. Nobody took away her smuggled-in food and Gotch got to stick to her dieting guns. Who says holiday parties have to ruin your eating habits? This girl figured it all out for you.





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