Juicing Done Right for You and the Environment

Junaid Kalmadi

Food literally talks to your genes. Choose a green juice that knows the language of focus, calm and performance.

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Did you know?

  • Less than 9% of people meet a daily vegetable intake that’s best for their body.
  • Soil has up to 50% less nutrition than 1945.
  • And up to 40% of produce gets wasted on farms.

Green juicing—done the right way—can upgrade all of those things. Junaid Kalmadi joins the show to talk about soil degradation, farming practices, and produce waste. He explains that it’s possible to do juicing safely and in ways that don’t break the planet even more.

Junaid (with Dave as an advisory partner) founded Farmers Juice, a keto-friendly and functional green juice line that uses a cold-pressed process. The cold temperature is key to preserving the nutrients because heat degrades those same nutrients.

“You separate the pulp from the juice, and you get this end product of this incredibly high nutrient-dense jolt of vitamins, enzymes, phytochemicals that give you this tangible positive effect within your biology, within your mood, within your own like mental state to perform your best,” Junaid says.

“The question is not how much of a certain nutrient or vitamin we need to not get sick. It's how much do we need to be optimally healthy?”

Junaid Kalmadi

It takes 1.5 pounds of produce (no kale!)  to make one bottle of organic Farmers Juice.

Junaid explains how Farmers Juice approaches produce differently: “A lot of produce that gets wasted is “ugly produce.” They may have a little blemishes, but it’s the same amount of nutrients. And we take this ugly produce, and instead of trucking it to multiple different places, we juice it right on the farm. The special benefit is that we capture the peak nutrient availability.”

The juices also contain adaptogens, antioxidants, and mushrooms to boost focus, calm, and athletic performance.

Along with finding out what’s in the juice, you’ll learn about nutrigenomics and how food information tells your body what to do. You’ll also learn how phytonutrients act as your genetic control system and keep you healthy.

Food and nutrients directly, immediately, and specifically interact with our genes, controlling moment-to-moment changes in your physiology and biochemistry.

For juicing 101, particularly ingredients and processing, take a listen to: Why Dave Asprey Changed His Mind About Juicing – #802.

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Enjoy the show!

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  • You are a co-founder of Brain.fm that did music and neuroscience. – 2:59
  • There are certain vegetables that have 70% to 95% of their nutritional content, their core content as liquid.  – 5:19
  • More than 92% of Americans are deficient in one or more vitamin. – 10:16
  • We know more about the movement of the celestial bodies above in the skies than we know about the soil underneath our own foot.  – 15:06
  • We take these thousands and thousands of pounds of pulp and we give it to dairy cows that eat it, and then they poop, which helps rebuild the soil.  – 20:43
  • It’s not just the United States, it’s a sort of global problem. $47 trillion will be spent globally across the world, fighting chronic disease that’s mostly diet driven.  – 24:26
  • Soil has this massive lever if it’s unhealthy it actually releases carbon, and if it’s healthy it actually captures carbon.  – 30:05
  • If you want to buy a regenerative produce box, and you actually want to try the difference, you just go to sowaheart.com. – 33:29
  • After six months of iteration, we created this keto friendly certified organic juice that has 1.5 pounds of produce, that’s delivered to you.  – 36:01
  • What do you do that’s called pasteurization that’s not pasteurization for a Farmers Juice?  – 42:02
  • A cool way to use the juice apart from just drinking it is to make it into ice cubes, put it in your smoothie. – 45:52
  • I feel it, I feel great.” Some people may notice it within the first few sips or some people it may take 10 to 15 days.  – 50:13

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