A Five-Step Formula to Make Money and a Difference – Lisa Sasevich – #689

You’re sitting on your own gold mine! Discover your own unique value, then turn it into income.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, we’re changing up the pace and pausing the coronavirus hustle and flow. I’m going to ask that you take a breath, look around your shelter-in-place environment and really see what matters most to you.

Ask yourself, “What if I could feel like I’m making a difference all the time and be paid for that?” My guest Lisa Sasevich believes that inside of every one of us is a feeling that just won’t go away—an internal knowing that we are “meant for more.”

She had that feeling and used it to propel herself into a life of abundance and contribution. She went from being fired from her dream job the night before Christmas Eve, to building a home-based business that generated over $40 million dollars in sales.

You may have some unexpected downtime right now, or be grappling with new family, work and financial realities during this coronavirus pandemic. Lisa’s going to present you with tools you can use and steps you can take right now to discover and own your unique value.

She’s also going to reframe your thoughts around profits and income.

“Profits means money to us in business, right?” she says. “The money left over after we pay our expenses. But I want to expand it. When I look at the money that my company makes, I see a bunch of humans that we helped. That’s what it looks like to me.”

“And the kind of income we’re talking about is the kind of income that uses your ability to help people with what you already know,” Lisa says. “So, there’s a profit in the feeling of fulfillment, the knowing that you’re making a difference.”

Enjoy the show!


Meant for More: The Proven Formula to Turn Your Knowledge into Profits? by Lisa Sasevich shows you how to stand out in an increasingly noisy world by simply offering your unique skills and talents and helping others do the same. Find out more with these special offers:

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A Five-Step Formula to Make Money and a Difference – Lisa Sasevich – #689


Book: Meant for More: The Proven Formula to Turn Your Knowledge into Profits.
Podcast: Boost Your Sales & Lifestyle With Lisa Sasevich

Key Notes

  • The night before Christmas Eve, Lisa was fired. – 4:49
  • Maybe it’s time to evolve. – 6:12
  • Look around, let’s take some inventory. – 8:55
  • Turning your knowledge into profits. – 12:01
  • You are sitting on a gold mine. – 14:26
  • What’s the first part this formula? – 16:01
  • Why do people feel dirty around selling stuff? – 17:10
  • Discovering your unique value. – 25:01
  • Two problems when someone picks your brain. – 29:49
  • Organizing your knowledge. – 31:08
  • Do you know why Think and Grow Rich has been such an enduring amazing book. – 31:08
  • We teach you how to make an irresistible offer. – 42:29
  • You can go to Meantformoregift.com/Dave to gain access to a digital course that will help you to discover what your unique value is,- 43:48

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