EP 1110

1110. Making Billions: Lessons Learned From the King of the Thrill Pill Cult

Shaahin Cheyene shares his fascinating transformation from criminal to entrepreneur, secrets of success, navigating the bureaucracy of business, and how to master selling on Amazon.

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Today’s guest is nothing short of a modern-day Willy Wonka for Generation X. He built a billion-dollar ecstasy business in the ’90s and did not end up behind bars. That’s a story you’ve got to hear. Our guest today, Shaahin Cheyene, not only dabbled in the wild world of herbal ecstasy but also managed to stay out of trouble despite being investigated by seven attorney generals. And get this, he wasn’t even 18 when he pulled off these daring feats.

Shaahin’s story doesn’t stop there. Since those days, he’s become an Amazon expert, successfully selling nootropics and a variety of other products on the platform. He’s also a filmmaker and author of the book, “Billion: How I Became the King of the Thrill Pill Cult.”

From Fleeing Iran at the age of five to being homeless and living out of his car, Shaahin’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. It’s safe to say he’s one of the most interesting individuals I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing.

We dive into Shaahin’s captivating journey, exploring his transformation from a young criminal to a thriving entrepreneur. You’ll also learn about what went into his groundbreaking herbal ecstasy formula and how he managed to get his business off the ground. Along the way, we discuss the challenges of navigating the bureaucracy of big government, the importance of seeking help when needed, and the valuable lessons Shaahin learned from building and eventually exiting his herbal ecstasy empire.

We also delve into how he managed to run a nine-figure company selling on Amazon, the mindset benefits of Brazilian jiu-jitsu training, the power of curating ideas, and how you can strategically leverage podcasts as an entrepreneur. Join us on a ride you won’t want to miss.

“If you play by the rules, you don’t get what you want, you get what they want you to have.”

Shaahin Cheyene


How Shaahin Became the King Of the Thrill Pill Cult

  • The key ingredient in herbal ecstasy
  • One of the most powerful plants known to man: Ephedra
  • The difference between cocaine and Ephedra
  • Shaahin’s fascinating journey from criminal to entrepreneur
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


Formulating Herbal Ecstasy & Building A Million-Dollar Business

  • How he came up with a natural alternative to ecstasy
  • What went into his initial formula
  • How he got his herbal ecstasy business off the ground


Navigating The Bureaucracy of Big Government


Pro Tip for Entrepreneurs: Why It’s Important to Ask for Help

  • The relationship between traumatic childhood and being rebellious
  • How not asking for help can hold you back
  • Realizations about money through losing it


What Cheyene Learned from Building & Exiting His Business

  • Inventing the first digital vaporizer
  • How he felt after exiting his companies
  • Why it’s important to not chase money


What To Do When You Make Your First Million

  • What keeps him motivated and inspired
  • Following your fascination


Scaling A 9-Figure Company Selling On Amazon

  • What led him to working with Bezos to launch a product at Amazon
  • Becoming Amazon hackers and owning that real estate
  • Creating the first brain supplement sold on Amazon
  • Discussing the first nootropic Dave created
  • Hanging out with Bradley Cooper and inspiring the Limitless pill


Lessons from Martial Arts & Our Bets on Musk vs Zuckerberg

  • How training in Brazilian jiu jitsu impacts his mindset
  • Discussing our bets on the Elon Musk & Mark Zuckerberg fight
  • The role of size in martial arts fighting
  • The importance of self-defense training


The Tactical Advantage of Podcasting & Being A Curator of Ideas

  • The power of being a curator of ideas and getting your message out there
  • Podcasting as a marketing tool and opportunity for connecting with people
  • How to use podcasts tactically
  • PodcastCola: podcastcola.com


Media Training 101

  • How Shaahin made millions after being sabotaged on the Montel Williams show
  • The advantage in becoming a master at doing podcasts or interviews

Enjoy the show!


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