Relieve Your Back Pain in 4 Steps

Dr. Marcella Madera

Learn how you can skip the surgery and create more spine fluidity with a new healing method based in regenerative medicine.

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… you’ll meet a holistic neurosurgeon who’s evolving spine care away from cutting. Dr. Marcella Madera’s integrative approaches to spine problems pair science with holistic healing modalities. This means way better healing for you.

Dr. Madera’s innovations in spine treatments include the “Aqua Method,” where photobiomodulated platelet rich plasma meets functional tissue mobilization and movement. You’re going to get exciting new information about this effective form of regenerative medicine and find out if this treatment may be right for you. “It’s a very nuanced discussion,” she says. “It’s very patient specific. It’s very injury specific.”

“The term Aqua really gives a description of what we’re trying to create in the body and that is more fluidity,” she explains. “And also, water, aqua, is pure. It’s intense at times, depending on the form. And it is soothing at times, depending on the form. And that is how our treatment goes.”

Dr. Madera’s four-part system includes: Reveal, Restore, Revitalize, Revel. You could benefit whether you have an old or new injury, or chronic pain.

During this episode, she explains how each part is interconnected and helps you heal your spine, or even knee, problems. The Aqua Method’s three-day immersive experience includes a full team of experts focused on your biology, your energy and your state of mind.

“With the Aqua Method, we've treated patients who have been recommended surgery, and we're getting them better without surgery.”

Dr. Marcella Madera

Dr. Madera, a board-certified neurosurgeon, trained extensively in conventional medicine. Her expertise in spine care includes surgical treatments, approaches, and techniques for degenerative spine disease, spine tumors, and degenerative deformity. She started a private practice in in Austin, Texas to combine her technical spine care with stem cell treatments and holistic modalities like herbs, energy modalities, Chinese healing practices, autogenic training and diet modification.

She talked about her integrative approach in a previous episode of Bulletproof Radio: Radical Regeneration: Neurosurgery Meets Energy Medicine – Marcella Madera, M.D. #582.

More about Dr. Marcella Madera: She’s experienced in open surgery, minimally invasive surgery, endoscopic spine surgery, and regenerative/stem cell procedures. She’s been an assistant professor of Surgery at the University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School. She also travelled throughout Europe and the U.S. to learn progressive endoscopic techniques and regenerative medicine practices. She completed a Spine Fellowship and faculty instructorship at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She earned her MD at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and completed neurosurgery residency at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine/Mayfield Clinic. She also graduated Summa Cum Laude with an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Washington University in St. Louis.

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Enjoy the show!

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  • On this show, you’re going to meet Johns Hopkins trained spinal surgeon who is moving away from cutting on spines, because she’s found stuff that works way better.  – 00:57
  • What percentage of people come across back pain in their life?  – 3:50
  • You’re just pioneering is called the Aqua method, something you created. So, it’s not a spinal thing. It’s a whole-body functional movement thing. Tell me what the Aqua method is.  – 9:42
  • We do the PBM, PRP on the first day. And there’s also a mind, body, spirit component, which we can dig into. The second day, and so there’s PBM, PRP, mind, body, spirit, functional tissue mobilization, functional movement. – 19:13
  • What we do is as soon as the patient arrives, we have them do a guided visualization or breathing exercise. They really get their mind and body ready.  – 24:31
  • That’s why the Aqua method was worth the show, because it’s really cool. I’m seeing a couple of questions here. I’m old spinal cord injuries, what happens if you apply this to one of those?  – 30:39
  • You talked about Reveal and Restore the first two parts of Aqua method, but there’s two more. What is Revitalize?  – 35:33
  • So, one of the key, key things that is important for any movement is that, you stabilize your core first, and that’s one of the… And you’ve heard that before. This is not new information. But the way that you stabilize your core is not always taught this way. So, that’s what we’re going to start with.  – 41:48
  • What are you doing around the inflammatory triggers? The things that were binding or detoxing there as a part of the Aqua method?  – 47:51
  • We’ve had chronic neuropathy. We’ve had chronic back pain from previous surgeries or multiple other surgeries or previous surgery, and then adjacent segment disease. In those patients, we’re still getting results, I would say between 30% and 70% improvement.  – 52:55

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