Find Out Exactly What Your Genes are Saying About Your Health – Naveen Jain & Ally Perlina – #714

Viome ‘s Health Intelligence Test is an AI-driven personalized therapeutics platform that uses functional analysis of microbial, mitochondrial, and human gene expression to improve health.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, I’m super excited to bring you some new information that can dramatically change how you manage your own health. My good friend Naveen Jain, founder and CEO of Viome, and Ally Perlina, the company’s chief translational science officer, join me to talk about a new test and personalized health program that Viome has developed and launched.

This breakthrough test is the first of its kind to show mitochondrial function, immune cell function, biological age, and cellular stress. And paired with Viome’s test for gut health, it’s now possible to get a complete digital snapshot of your microbial, mitochondrial, and human cellular health. This is your opportunity to prevent and reverse chronic disease.

The Health Intelligence Test now can quantify the things I’ve been talking about for years when it comes to mitochondria function and health.

“So, there are only three types of genes that are expressed in the human body,” Naveen says. “Your mitochondrial genes that are inside the cell of human cell, all the human genes that are expressed, and the microbial genes. And what if you can look at all of them and start to see how this system approach to how each one of them impacts each of us?”

“So, it’s all actually truly interconnected,” says Ally, whose expertise is in molecular and systems biology and human genetics. “That’s the system’s view, and you have to figure out that which place in the system you need to act.”

“Literally everything is connected,” Naveen says. “And for the first time in the human history, we have a chance to actually look at all of that and apply the AI and machine learning to not only just look at the wonderful steps, to actually figure out what to do about it. And I’m just so damn excited, that we’re finally there, finally there.”

Enjoy the show! And get more resources at Dave.Asprey/podcasts.

And because I want everyone to have access to this breakthrough technology, go to to get $10 off the Health Intelligence service. Use code “DAVE” at checkout.

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Find Out Exactly What Your Genes are Saying About Your Health – Naveen Jain & Ally Perlina, Ph.D. – #714


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Key Notes

  • Our purpose in life really is to digitize the human body, to really understand at the molecule level what is going on. – 2:30
  • Our human body is like a donut. – 5:03
  • You may be chronologically, like me 61, but I am biologically maybe only 40. – 6:32
  • How often is it one thing that’s causing inflammation?  – 9:42
  • Was it the virus or was it the lifestyle or was it the system? – 12:46
  • Most people think of mitochondria as energy production, – 15:43
  • ATPand AMP – defined – 17:34
  • It’s more than just glucose that can come into the pathway. – 19:33
  • We just launched this health intelligence service now that actually looks at your mitochondrial gene expression, human gene expression, and the microbial gene expression that got all together. – 23:34
  • Why we call it precision, precision supplements. – 25:44
  • If I quit taking those supplements and I started taking something new, wouldn’t I have to get a new test? – 29:14
  • There is a whole number of supplements that actually raise the expression and activity of PGC-1 alpha. – 34:41
  • Microbes can actually give you some energy. They can even do some detox for you. They have their own glutathione and sod and catalysts and all of these things. – 40:20
  • Reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress. – 46:23
  • Constant metabolic stresses as well can induce oxidative stress and inflammatory response and different aging processes. – 49:36

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