Listen To Your Gut & Decide Your Own Destiny – Naveen Jain – #452

What if we lived in a world where disease was optional? Our Guest Naveen Jain, Live from the Bulletproof 360 conference, is not only asking tough questions, but figuring out how to solve them. Jain is an entrepreneur and philanthropist driven to solve the world’s biggest challenges through innovation. He is the founder of several successful companies, including Moon Express, which is the only company that has permission to leave earth’s orbit and land on the moon! In this episode of Bulletproof Radio you will get some great insights on measuring success and how it is easier to “go with your gut” if you know what is actually in there.

Naveen and Dave have also worked out a special offer that was given to the audience at Bulletproof 360, and will extend it to listeners through January 1st 2018. Follow This link for 100 dollars off mapping your gut microbiome at

Enjoy the show!

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Listen To Your Gut & Decide Your Own Destiny – Naveen Jain #452

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Show Notes

  • Naveen says, “God has been very kind to us any which way you look at it.” He tells the story of the moment that really changed his life.
  • On Naveen seeing snow for the first time!
  • On what Naveen thinks is the worst thing in the world,”the people that help you don’t need your help. That is the worst feeling in the world, that you can’t pay back your debt.”
  • On why Naveen thinks everything is possible! And why even going to the moon is possible.
  • Naveen says they are within six months of landing on the moon!
  • “You set the moon shot and you say, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.” Then burn the bridge!
  • On how it is easier to build a large moonshot company, than a small one!
  • On how problems of health care and the problems of education are very similar.
  • Naveen thinks “the education system that was designed to teach you skills, so you can use it for rest of your life is no longer valid.”
  • On how Dave’s background set him up to disrupt a broken system, Naveen says “He’s not a doctor. He’s not a scientist, but what did he do? He looked at the problem from a very different perspective.”
  • Dave on his approach to health. “It’s systems thinking applied to things that are usually thought of as individual pieces.”
  • Your destiny is not written in your genes, “Our human genes only produce, our human DNA only produces 19,000 genes, period. Our microbiome in our gut produces somewhere between five million to ten million genes.”
  • How your Microbiomes control your gene expression.
  • Naveen on your Moonshot. “Every time you start a company, ask yourself two questions. God forbid, If I’m actually successful in doing what I’m doing, is it gonna change the life of a billion people?”
  • And “Second thing is when you start something, is this something you simply doing to make money or is this something you’re doing because it’s your purpose in life because you believe it can change everything.”
  • How to create an amazing company. “Find a problem that is so big that ten billion dollar problem you’re solving and if you solve that you’ll have a billion dollar company in your head.”
  • “Profit is the engine that allows you to scale, so never be ashamed to tell someone the thing I do makes money because that’s what allows me to help more people.”
  • Dave says, “everything after your basic needs is a tool to change the world.”
    Naveen says, “success is not about how much money you have in the bank. Success is simply about how many lives have you been able to improve.”
  • Naveen telling his children, “Your self worth comes from what you create.” Not from what you own.
  • How to know when you have become successful, and why our President doesn’t have it figured out. “The day you become humble is the day you become successful.” -Naveen
  • Naveen on “Nation states are going to become irrelevant because the entrepreneurs are going to be solving the problems.”
  • On giving people a tough problem. “People who were successful, what they want to do is become significant.”
  • Naveen on making money. “Making money is like having an orgasm. If you focus on it, you’ll never get it. You just have to enjoy the process.”
  • Naveen on how people feel when they leave your conversation. “People will forget what you tell them, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”
  • Some advise for entrepreneurs, “as an entrepreneur, never focus on the world as is, focus on what you want the world to be.”
  • Diseases of chronic inflammation. “From Parkinson’s, depression, anxiety, Alzheimer, autism, obesity, diabetes, type one, type two, autoimmune diseases, IBS, IBD, bloating, you name it. These are just simply the names of the diseases that people have given to them that all really are one disease which are chronic inflammation.”
  • Naveen on, “Disease is simply when your body and your gut is not at ease, that unease is what we call disease.”
  • Why there’s no such thing as universal healthy diet.
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