Dave Asprey’s “The Upgraded Self: Top 6 Biohacks”

This video is from the talk I gave at the BIL 2011 Conference in Long Beach aboard the Queen Mary a few years ago. If you’ve ever wondered how I do what I do, this talk distils 15 years of experimenting into a half hour, then maps out how to do a lot of this stuff for yourself.

This presentation talks about real-world techniques I’ve assembled in my biohacking practice – things I used to increase my IQ, lose 100 lbs., radically reduce sleep, fit 40 years of Zen meditation into one very long week, and maintain an above-average career growth at the same time.

Here’s just some of the information I cover:

  • Some of my knowledge from years of nonprofit work with leading anti-aging physicians and researchers like Aubrey de Grey, Dr. Phillip Miller, Gary Taubes, along with extensive research (1300 references) completed for The Better Baby Book, the book I wrote with my wife Dr. Lana about how to have a healthy pregnancy and a smarter baby.
  • I introduce the exposome, explain why it’s bigger than your genome, and why it’s infinitely easier to biohack at any age than your genome.
  • We’ll cover the top 6 things you can do to upgrade yourself, ranging from bio and neurofeedback to upgrading immune function.

In this video, I talk about MCT oil, but this was before we really perfected Brain Octane, which isn’t just coconut oil or MCT oil, but made with C8 MCTs only, which metabolize into ketone energy more efficiently than other MCTs. Your body simply cannot store ketones from Brain Octane as fat; instead, it is excreted through your lungs (breath), or kidneys (urine). Pretty cool. I also mention high-quality grass-fed collagen.

If you’re curious about the Bulletproof Diet in its entirety, start here.

This is the most concise and prioritized summary of tricks in my massive biohacker’s toolbox.  If it’s not worth a half hour of your time, I don’t know how to make anything else that would be!

As always, it’s your comments and questions that keep me blogging.  Please ask questions or make comments on this page so we can share the knowledge with others.

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