EP 1169

1169. Master Neuroplasticity to Improve Your Life

Learn how to rewire your brain for better decision-making and lasting change with neuroscientist Nicole Vignola’s practical strategies and insights on neuroplasticity.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

In this episode, Nicole Vignola, a neuroscientist with a BS in Neuroscience and a Master of Science in Organizational Psychology, explains how to rewire the brain for better decision-making and lasting change. You will learn about neuroplasticity, the science behind creating and undoing brain pathways, and practical strategies for forming new habits. Nicole shares the importance of visualization, taking strategic breaks, and focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses. She discusses the concept of mental currency and how to allocate energy effectively. 

The episode also covers how to manage negative thoughts, boost positive thinking, and the role of myelination in habit formation. Nicole explains how to use visualization paired with physical activity to reinforce new habits and prepare for setbacks. This episode provides actionable advice for anyone looking to improve mental health, enhance cognitive function, and create lasting positive changes in their life. 

Nicole’s new book, “Rewire: Break the Cycle, Alter Your Thoughts and Create Lasting Change (Your Neurotoolkit for Everyday Life)” is out now! 


“We can create new synapses, we can create new pathways, we can undo pathways, we can undo bad habits.”


(00:01:02) Introduction to Nicole Vignola 

  • Overview of Nicole’s background and expertise 
  • Importance of affirmations and voice modulation 

(00:06:31) Fundamentals of Neuroplasticity 

  • Explanation of neurons, synapses, and brain pathways 
  • Discussion on creating and undoing synaptic connections 

(00:09:42) Future of Neuron Regeneration 

  • Potential breakthroughs in neuron regeneration 
  • Combination of niacin, psilocybin, and lion’s mane mushroom 

(00:13:54) Habits, Myelination, and Cognitive Energy 

  • Impact of habits on brain pathways 
  • Role of myelination and cognitive energy 

(00:19:03) Mental Currency and Vigilance Decrement 

  • Concept of mental currency and its allocation 
  • Explanation of vigilance decrement and its effects 

(00:23:32) Trying Harder vs. Strategic Rest 

  • Importance of strategic rest and breaks 
  • Morning vs. evening energy dynamics 

(00:28:05) Role of Strategic Breaks 

  • Benefits of taking mental breaks 
  • Impact on performance and stress levels 

(00:31:27) Focusing on Strengths Over Weaknesses 

  • Negativity bias and focusing on strengths 
  • Importance of rewarding positive behaviors 

(00:35:59) Managing Negative Thoughts and Default Mode Network 

  • Explanation of default mode network and negative thoughts 
  • Strategies to manage and change negative thinking patterns 

(00:43:03) Tools for Creating Positive Thoughts 

  • Visualization and its impact on behavior 
  • Importance of preparing for setbacks 

(00:47:39) Healing Trauma and Synaptic Rewiring 

  • Impact of trauma on synapses 
  • Reprogramming memory centers with emotional centers 

(00:50:58) Gratitude Practice and Neuroplasticity 

  • Benefits of gratitude practice on brain function 
  • Training the brain to recognize positive experiences 

(00:55:31) Longevity and Healthy Aging 

  • Perspectives on longevity and healthy aging 
  • Importance of maintaining energy and wisdom 


Enjoy the show!


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