Your Crash Course On Mindblowing New Aging Science: Senolytics 101

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This article is regarding one of the most significant science discoveries of the last decade when it comes to enhancing the aging process.* 

There’s a very good chance you’re not taking advantage of this new discovery. In fact, you may not even know about it yet. But if you care about your aging process (and want to notice it as little as possible for as long as possible), get ready for a crash course on one of the biggest aging breakthroughs of our time.

I’m talking about senolytic ingredients. 

And if you have no idea what that word even means, it’s pronounced “sen-oh-lit-ick”, and it is a science field about to revolutionize human aging. 

In order to understand why senolytic ingredients should be taken by anyone over age 30 that wants to support aging well, you first need to understand…well…aging.* 

How The Body Renews Itself

Your body is comprised of roughly 37 trillion cells. And every day, billions of your cells die. But this is good! 

Your body is constantly eliminating older cells that are no longer functional to allow young new cells to replace them.This assures that almost all cells in your body are performing their various health functions correctly, by keeping your cells young and capable of serving a function for your health.

 This process of your body eliminating cells that are no longer functioning and regenerating healthy new cells to take their place is called apoptosis. And to understand why this process keeps us in our physical prime, let’s use a pretty good analogy any gardener or greenthumb understands.

Think Of Your Cells Like Leaves On A Plant

Most plants are mainly comprised of healthy green leaves, with a few sickly or yellow leaves scattered in as well. Those sickly leaves are not adding to the plant’s health. In fact, they’re limiting the plant’s health (because the plant is wasting energy and resources keeping them alive despite them not performing a useful function for the plant’s health). And they’re also occupying a location on the plant where healthy new growth could otherwise occur. 

This is why people prune plants.

By pruning off the small number of sickly leaves on a plant, you are helping to make sure all the energy, nutrition, and resources in the plant go to leaves performing an actual function for the plant, and freeing up locations for potential new healthier growth.

And when we’re young, our bodies are usually great at “pruning” those older, non-functional cells in us. 

But as we get older, something pretty creepy happens.

Zombies Start To Take Over (Sort Of) 

As we get older, and as our bodies get less talented at “pruning” those old cells to keep us healthy and functioning well, an unwanted type of cell starts to accumulate in our bodies shown to be enormously connected to countless negative aging symptoms.*

I’m talking about senescent cells, also known as “zombie cells.” 

Senescent cells are nicknamed zombie cells because they’re experts at staying alive within us long after our bodies should be eliminating them. They’re old, they’re non-functional, and they’re not assisting our health any longer, but they linger on in us, essentially “gumming up” our bodies and hoarding energy and nutritional resources without providing our health any benefit in return. 

Zombie cells are almost like freeloaders in our bodies. They suck in our energy and resources but they’re not earning their keep.

And in time, as these senescent or “zombie” cells slowly increase in number within our body, with an ever-increasing percentage of our cells no longer functioning, they begin sapping our resources of energy and nutrition in noticeable ways. This is a huge part of why getting older feels (and looks) like getting older, with symptoms such as:

  • Stiffness and discomfort becoming part of your daily life.
  • Lethargy and decreased energy, both physical and mental.
  • Taking WAY longer to recover from workouts or a long night out.

For decades, researchers have been trying to determine what (if anything) can be done to aid the process of our bodies eliminating senescent cells as we age. 

*IF* researchers could figure out a way for people to enhance their natural capacity to limit senescent cell accumulation, it would be an absolute game-changer for the human aging process.*

Then In 2016, Science Discovered A Breakthrough…

In 2016, two of the top medical research institutions in the country- The Mayo Clinic, and Scripps- published some pretty astounding research. They identified ingredients that help our bodies naturally eliminate senescent cells!* And in the years since, many other studies have demonstrated the power of these little-known ingredients.

Ingredients like: 

  • Fisetin (A flavonol found in certain fruits such as persimmon and strawberry, which supports healthy tissue by helping the body eliminate senescent cells.)* 
  • Piperlongumine (An extract from the long-pepper plant of Asia that supports senolytic and immune functions to help manage stressed cells)* 
  • Quercefit® (A form of quercetin 20 times more bioabsorbable than regular quercetin to support normal pruning of stressed cells and healthy influences on their behavior and characteristics.)*
  • Senactiv® (A patented blend of notoginseng root and chestnut rose hips that supports exercise recovery and management of senescent cells in muscle.)* 

These ingredients have become known as “senolytics”. The word senolytic roughly translates in Latin to “destroying the old,” which in this case is in reference to old senescent cells. And if you begin taking the right dosages of the right senolytics in the right intervals?

Then your body can receive some serious support for optimizing the elimination of senenescent cells, thereby fighting back against one of the biggest reasons we age poorly, quickly, and also feel older as we do.* This is an option your grandparents didn’t have (or at least didn’t know about). And considering these ingredients are non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free, your diet shouldn’t be a blockade to adding a senolytic regimen. 

But you have to get the specifics right to reap the full benefits.

How NOT To Take Senolytic Ingredients 

Senolytic ingredients are not a particularly easy DIY add to your supplement regimen, for a couple key reasons. 

#1- These are some pretty obscure ingredients. Good luck finding them all at your local health store, or having lots of high-integrity options to source them.

#2- Zombie cells earned their nickname for good reason. They are particularly stubborn, so you can’t just haphazardly take a senolytic ingredient here and there in a random amount and expect good results. This has to be a precise, research-backed cocktail of the right senolytics, in proven dosage combinations, on a regular schedule.*

For these reasons, even those of us up to date on senolytic research have sort of been sitting on the sidelines waiting for a commercially available formula that did the hard work of painstakingly assembling an ideal blend.

Well, that (finally) has happened. And I sort of broke the internet by letting people know. 

My Email That Forced A Great Formula Into Backorder 

I’ve been a big proponent of the science team at the Qualia brand for a while because their health formulas are some of the most evidence-based and expertly crafted I’ve ever seen.*

So when they recently debuted a first-of-its-kind senolytic formula with 9 of the best possible senolytic ingredients in correctly researched dosages and complementary functions?* 

You better believe I was going to let my community know! I’d been waiting on a truly great senolytic formula for years now. 

It’s called Qualia Senolytic, and if the science of this article is a lot to absorb, I’ll keep it simple. 

  • Take this product 2 days a month, and you’ll be doing more to support your body’s senescent cell elimination through your diet than 99% of people who’ve ever lived.* 

In short, Qualia Senolytic is the ultimate fuel to help your body slay zombie cells, and one of the most potent products imaginable for helping hold off the effects of poor aging for as long as possible.*

And much like pruning a plant, taking senolytics only needs to be an occasional thing. For example, Qualia Senolytic is recommended to be taken just two days a month.* 

It’s basically a monthly cleanse for aging, but instead of some sketchy juice cleanse that may or may not have robust science behind it, this senolytic blend is the real deal.

So I told my newsletter community about Qualia Senolytic thinking this would be a good thing for my friends on the Qualia science team. 

…but I sort of underestimated how hungry my community was for a groundbreaking aging formula. 

Umm…I caused it to sell out in like 3 weeks…and then it had to go on backorder. 

Sorry not sorry, Qualia team. I meant well.

BUT, it’s back! 

They’ve been working overtime to make a much bigger batch of formula than in their initial production run, so if you want to help your body age well (and notice aging way less), go here to get Qualia Senolytic before it sells out again. This stuff is flying off the shelves for good reason. It’s basically the easiest way possible to add comprehensive senolytic supplementation into your diet and take advantage of the science in this article.* 

My 10-Year Prediction For Senolytics 

I believe within 10 years, taking senolytics will be as mainstream as taking nootropics, being on a ketogenic diet, or intermittent fasting. 

The potential for a radically optimized aging process is too high for these ingredients to remain obscure.* 

So start pruning now. And get to this party early. Make this Day-1 of giving your zombies hell.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.
Disclaimer: This review represents the personal experience and opinions of the author, and is not a guarantee, promise, or reflection of other users’ results.  The author was provided [free product/compensation] in exchange for this endorsement.




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