Ultra-Effective Workout Routines That Take 10 Minutes or Less

Ultra-Effective Workout Routines That Take 10 Minutes or Less_header_yoga at home

People begin workout routines for a variety of reasons, like to get healthy, feel better emotionally, or lose weight. Just as many reasons exist for why people stop exercising. The most common complaint: they don’t have enough time to work out.  If you get sidelined due to lack of time, look no further than these six workouts that you can complete in ten minutes or less. From an energizing yoga flow to super-charge your morning – to abs, butt, and super HIIT workouts in between – then back again to a miracle yoga way to end the day… this workout routine roundup will keep you interested, fit, and fabulous.

Energizing Wake Up Vinyasa Flow

Video via BrettLarkinYoga

This is an easy morning vinyasa yoga routine, suitable for any experience level. The focus here is to get your body and mind in sync upon rising so you can make the most of your day. This workout routine is also a great way to cut morning fatigue, gain more focus, and wake up to a rejuvenated you. The sequence starts in child’s pose and moves through cat and upward dog, among other poses. You’ll elongate your spine and pair breath with movement throughout.

Best Ab Workout: Tummy & Muffin Top

Video via Boho Beautiful

Short and sweet, this pilates-based workout routine focuses specifically on the obliques (side abdominals) and lower abs. This ten-minute session tones and strengthens your core – ridding you of that muffin top for good. Remember, the core remains central to good posture because the abdominal muscles stabilize the back, so these exercises hold the key to standing up straighter and meeting the day with the confidence you desire.

Butt & Thigh Toning Workout

Video via FitnessBlender

This exercise video wins with over 3 million views. Tap into better balance, start fat-burning, build lean muscle, and tone up the butt and thighs. Basically, get that booty you’ve been dreaming with this “all-in-one” workout routine. You’ll move through bodyweight squats, reverse lunges, ski squats and lifts, curtsy lunges, leg lifts, thigh raises, bridge, reverse leg lifts. Bonus: the video shows time durations, so you know exactly where you’re at.

HIIT Treadmill Sprints

Video via Brix Fitness

Take high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and pair it with a treadmill. What do you get? One of the best ways to burn fat and preserve muscle mass, which is vital to your weight-loss success. Remember, your metabolism slows down if you lose muscle, so you want to maintain muscle mass for maximum success. This exercise video features 10 sets of 30 seconds running and 60 seconds of rest in between sets. Aim for a speed and incline that challenge you to the fullest, though do pace yourself so you can complete the workout. Bonus: this workout routine can be adapted to any cardio machine.

Full Body Fat-Burning HIIT Workout

Video via Emi Wong

Finally, a short and sweet HIIT workout video with good instruction, interspersed with music to rev you up along the way. This exercise video features 10 exercises lasting 45 seconds, with 15 seconds of rest for 15 in between sets. You’ll start with jumping jacks to warm up and get blood flowing. Then you’ll increase intensity throughout with side plank rotations, burpees, commandos, lunges, squats, arm and leg raises, push-ups, and speed skater exercises. Get ready to build muscle and get rid of fat. This HIIT workout routine will make your muscles pop. No equipment needed—just a mat.

Easy Bedtime Yoga: The “5 Minute Miracle”

Video via Boho Beautiful

This rhythmic yoga flow equals the perfect way to wind down at the end of the day. Safely and holistically release daily stress, relax, and prepare for a sound night’s sleep. You’ll be guided through basic yoga poses that you can even do in bed that send signals to your nervous system that it’s time to relax. Pull yourself into a ball, give your full body a release, move through a spinal twist, and circle your shoulders… There’s even a happy baby pose to release tension and stress in the hips. End in Shivasana, or corpse pose, for complete relaxation. Good night.





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