Tim Ferriss: Private Conference Call Info

4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss

I just got off a private conference call with Tim Ferriss, NY Times best seller and author of one of the newest books on hacking your body. He spent an hour and a half answering questions from entrepreneurs like me, on topics as diverse as how to drive traffic to your site (he likes StumbleUpon), to workouts, to nutrition.

Tim’s written the book that’s closest to accurate of any book I’ve seen in the last 10 years. I’ve read literally hundreds of health and nutrition books, and researched 1300 articles on metabolism and brain function and food for my book on how to have a higher IQ baby starting in the womb. (baby hacking just isn’t a nice image, so it’s called The Better Baby Book) I run a non-profit anti-aging group that brings in world-class researchers every month to speak to an audience that includes some of the smartest biochemists and physicians I know.

And Tim got it right in The 4-Hour Body. We probably disagree on a few points – I like supplements more than he does – and the slow carb idea (beans) is just not as quick for weight loss or muscle mass as a high healthy fat diet. But overall, Tim talks about stuff that you just don’t read in any mainstream magazine. He knows the temperatures that oils go rancid at and recommends cooking with high temperature stable oils, for instance. The list goes on and on.

Bottom line: if you’re into looking and feeling better in less time, Tim’s odyssey as described in his book closely mirrors mine, and he comes to very similar results. Highly recommended!




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