What can you do to upgrade your life right now? RESULTS: SLEEP HARDER

Whether it’s because you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or because you work odd hours, you’re having some trouble getting the sleep you need to power your brain and body for the day ahead.

Your brain needs quality sleep to function properly. You might think of sleep as a time when your body turns completely off. That’s not the case at all. Sleep is one of your brain’s most active times.

It’s not just your brain that needs you to be unconscious for a stretch every night. Good quality sleep makes you look better, regulates insulin and hunger hormones to prevent overeating, enhances athletic performance, balances sex hormones…the list goes on.

If you need some help in the sleep department, here are some ways to sleep more effectively.

Adjust your bedtime

Your body cycles cortisol (a stress hormone) to help your body do what it needs to do. A spike of cortisol in the morning wakes you up. It surges when you’re stressed or fearful, which springs you into action.

You also get a cortisol surge a little after 11:00 pm. Ever notice when you get tired at night and power through, you get a “second wind” and you’re alert again? That’s cortisol at work.

That 11:00 cortisol surge isn’t for binge watching that new series or getting through your work inbox. That cortisol is intended to give your brain what it needs to repair brain cells, to remove waste products, and to strengthen pathways it made throughout the day – to solidify things you learned and memories you created. If your brain doesn’t get the chance to do these things, you wake up groggy.

Be sure to get to bed before 11:00 p.m. to align with your cortisol cycles and to feel as refreshed as you can in the morning.

Sleep Mode

Many sleep supplements on the market today focus only on getting the body to sleep — often times with unnecessarily high doses of melatonin. But energy levels and performance during the day depend just as much on how much time is spent in restorative sleep at night (aka sleep efficiency).

Sleep Mode combines all-natural ingredients shown to have unique effects on relieving stress, strengthening a normal pattern of sleep, and increasing the time spent in restorative sleep. It combines 100% plant-sourced, bioidentical melatonin (the sleep hormone), L-Ornithine (an adaptogenic amino acid that lowers cortisol) and Brain Octane Oil to maintain steady ketone energy for your brain processes.

Get Sleep Mode here


As you walk around day-to-day, you build up a positive charge in your cells, which saps your energy and causes inflammation. The earth has a mild negative charge, so walking barefoot in the grass or along the beach brings you back to neutral.

We’ve felt and measured the effects. That’s why outfitted the Bulletproof Cafe with two ways to connect to the earth’s charge:

1. Sip at the tables. We wired our tables to the earth, so the earth’s electrons transfer up to anything that touches them. You can get all the benefits of grounding with 20 minutes of contact — just enough time to sip on a Bulletproof Coffee and plan an awesome day.

2. Stand on the grounding pad. Kick off your shoes and dose yourself with a day’s worth of electrons.

Stop into the Bulletproof Café daily to ground yourself — it only takes a few minutes. After a while, let us know if you feel a difference in your sleep, your energy, or your stress over time.

Zen Mode

Zen Mode is the culmination of countless hours of research and experimentation with one goal in mind: Create a natural feeling of Zen. Picture the most time-tested and studied herbal remedies, married with cutting-edge neuro-nutrients. The result is a unique formula that delivers stress-relief when you need it most. Here are a few of the many ingredients worth a look:

  • Holy Basil Leaf Extract – traditionally used to reduce nervous tension because it has been shown to support a healthy stress hormone response
  • Ashwagandha – supports normal adrenal function, which mitigates stress because the adrenals produce stress hormones
  • Saffron Extract – supports balanced moods
  • Sceletium tortuosum – used for stress relief, clarity, and focus
  • L-Theanine – increases alpha brain waves while decreasing beta waves, resulting in an alert state of relaxation without causing drowsiness
  • 5-HTP – read about 5-HTP in the section above!

Get Zen Mode here

Ready for a challenge? Instantly download the Bulletproof 30-day Upgrade, and you’ll make small, easy changes every day to power up during the day and sleep harder at night.

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