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How Prebiotic Fiber Makes a Gut-Friendly Bread

William Schumacher / Uprising Food

Turns out that your microbiota like a uniquely bio-active and gentle form of traditional psyllium husk—if it’s processed in the right way.

Uprising Food sponsored this podcast. Dave Asprey partners with Uprising Food as an advisor and investor.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… you’ll learn about bread that’s better for your body—and the important role of prebiotics and fiber in that equation. You’ll also find out about the science that supports new ways of creating bread products—what works and why it works. And you’ll get a look further into the food system and how to adopt solutions with real benefits for your energy and lifestyle.

A 5+ year biohacker, intermittent faster, and cyclical keto devotee joins the show to talk about innovations in bread as you know it.

William Schumacher, co-founder and CEO of Uprising Food—aka—”The Loafer and Chief”— traded in corporate life as a former Procter and Gamble marketer to sift through the disinformation to de-villainize bread and create products that taste good and work in synergy with your body.

With all the gluten-free and alternative breads out there competing for attention, what made Uprising stand out to Dave Asprey? Simple. Uprising took action to:

  • tackle the foundational things that give people disproportionate bang for their buck when they eat the products day in day out.
  • figure out what’s NOT in the product. Most products are loaded with things that are doing damage and there’s a big-time cost.
  • eliminate gluten and other inflammatory ingredients used to manipulate taste to addictive levels and/or extend shelf life to drive costs down in global supply chains.
  • choose ingredients that would produce a tasty, functional product and work in the gut to enable inside out transformation.
  • partner with artisanal bakers willing to experiment with baking methods and ingredients. The star ingredient? Psyllium. In this conversation, you’ll get all the details on prebiotic fiber and the benefits of activated psyllium, a bio-active polysaccharide.

“We went really deep on the benefits of bioactive polysaccharides,” William says. “Polysaccharides are really chains of carbohydrate molecules. This is the carbohydrate-based world and bioactive polysaccharides are those within that world that have been found through research to have some sort of bioactive beneficial property in the human body. And so that is really what underlies everything that’s happening from a psyllium perspective.”

“Psyllium gets all of the shine from an ingredient perspective, but it’s a very simple ingredient list,” William says. “It’s psyllium, eggs, almond flour, golden flax, and then just salt water and baking powder and that’s it.”

“Uprising Food bread allows for a better uptake and better mineral absorption of water-soluble vitamins. That’s specifically because of what our activated psyllium is doing as it is going through your digestive system.”

William Schumacher / uprising food

William’s also researching his bread’s effect on gut health. Research done at Wright State University Microbiome Labcompared Uprising Food bread with traditional bread. Early results show that Uprising’s prebiotic bread makes nice with gut microbiota.

  • It’s potentially the first prebiotic bread specially formulated to resist digestion in the stomach and small intestine.
  • It provides more fuel to the critical area of the intestinal microbiota than traditional bread products, thus benefiting your microbes.

The studies will continue to find out more about how the mechanisms work in the bread work and how much the microbiota community changes when you eat the bread.

And William’s not stopping with better bread (or chips or bagels). Uprising Food set out to fix a fundamentally broken food system that is making people sick by:

  1. taking on poor health,
  2. opening up options so that making food choices that improve how your body functions can be WAY easier for you, and
  3. making strides to hack the existing food system.

Curious about bread again? Check out the Uprising Food “Toast Cleanse,” affectionately known as “72 hours to digestive deliverance.” This 3-day protocol includes super toast combinations and levels of bread eating designed to overhaul your microbiome.

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Enjoy the show!

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  • Did you get into biohacking before you started Uprising or after you started Uprising?  – 3:11
  • We’re trying to get food to soldiers who were at war in the ’40s and we preserve things, we needed to figure out just how do we scale food and keep it at a level where people can eat it and everybody can eat. There’s a ton of unintended consequences of that. – 9:26
  • We figured out that we can really tune up the prebiotic nature of psyllium. And we create in this Activated Psyllium a psyllium that is gentler on the gut but is also highly digestible and absorbable in the body.  – 13:29
  • Talk me through the science on polysaccharides and what those are and why that matters?  – 18:07
  • What else is in there besides obviously it’s not just a block of psyllium.  – 28:53
  • We want to make products that can compete on taste blow people away from a health perspective but also have zero tricks in them. We want things that people can actually trust.  – 31:57
  • you will eventually see Uprising bread in the frozen section of every grocery store in America if we have our way. – 37:23
  • We put together this three-day Toast Cleanse and we have a guide on our website.  – 41:25
  • Most soluble fiber is packaged with so many antinutrients that you don’t want to have it which is the conundrum,  – 45:44

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