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The Humanity+ conference in December proved to be fun and educational, with many accomplished writers, philosophers and scientists at the event. The conference explored how to write the future and what risks and opportunities to consider when upgrading humanity through technology.  My topic: “The Augmented Author: Technologies to Upgrade People Who Write.”

It’s  a short video, about 25 minutes, and it has a ton of useful information whether you’re a blog writer, a student, a book author trying to increase productivity, breaking through writer’s block or whether you’re interested in performing better in general. Several biohacker toys are showcased. The effects on my health and brain function have been profound!  There is even some controversial Q & A regarding modafinil. 🙂

Topics covered:

  • 1:05 Biohacking the Unconscious Parts of Your Brain
  • 2:50 EmWave 2 – Monitor Your Heart Rate & “The Zone” Neurological, Biochemical, Mechanical, & electromagnetic
  • 5:00 Radioactive Sugar Measurement
  • 5:59 Dual N-Back Training – Double Your Working Memory; Pay Attention to Your States of Consciousness
  • 7:55 Electrostimulation  (tDCS & CES)
  • 9:45 Direct Stimulation (Lasers!)
  • 11:35 EEG Neurofeedback
  • 13:25 HEG Biofeedback, (aka Upgraded Focus) Blood flow training, feels where your brain works
  • 14:24 Light! Orange-Tinted Glasses & Blue LED lights
  • 15:00 Sound Entrainment
  • 15:30 Modafinil
  • 15:55 Bulletproof Hardware (Bulletproof Coffee & Diet)
  • 17:00 Q & A

What are some of the tools and tips you use to upgrade your writing?  Share in the comments below!


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