VIDEO: CNN Interview About Provigil!

CNN recently interviewed me about my Provigil experience. Last Saturday they aired my interview with Don Lemon regarding the benefits of Provigil. As a biohacker, every experiment and enhancement is about maximizing the human experience, and staying there.

I am living my dream which happens to be enough for at least two lifetimes: traveling for business at least a hundred times a year, being an executive, writing about upgrading myself, spending time with my two great kids, and staying connected with my wonderful wife.

For me, the benefits far outweigh the risks.

My life isn’t possible due to Provigil alone.

The Bulletproof diet and lifestyle plays an immense role in making this possible. It is the foundation for all of my other enhancements and hacks. That said, I find all kinds of ways to maximize my ability to get the most out of life. Provigil gives me a noticeable boost on top of everything else I do to keep a healthy and enhanced brain. That is pretty amazing considering how much I get from my other biohacks, my favorite being Upgraded coffee.

If you’re unhealthy, provigil will let you do more, but it will tax your health. Do not use it as an excuse to skip sleep or abuse your health; I don’t!

After ABC’s Dan Harris interviewed me, I put together a Q & A post, and a post based on reader input on their experiences procuring Provigil.

Are you following the Bulletproof diet and lifestyle and later tried Provigil? What’s your experience?

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