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In April 2012, I gave a talk at the Silicon Valley Health Institute, of which I am also the chairman. This is the anti-aging non-profit I run where some of the world’s leading experts on health and life-extension present their findings each month. On very rare occasions I make presentations there too, for those of you that weren’t able to join me in April, I’m posting the video.

In this video I briefly discuss the art and science of biohacking. As a biohacker, my goal in everything is to hack the human experience so that I am getting the most out of life.  I’m constantly experimenting (sometimes on the bleeding edge of current and experimental research) to find out what works even better than what I’m doing now.

The Bulletproof Diet at Smart Life Forum from Bulletproof Executive on Vimeo.

In the talk, I go in depth on how and why the diet works.  Discussion also includes but is not limited to: the impact on leptin, vasoactive intestinal peptides, autophagy, ketones, Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting, bile turnover as a measure of health, controlling inflammation, toxins, cooking, biogenic amines, fermented foods, fructose (cholesterol, what to keep your fructose levels under), nutrient dense quality foods, supplements, eating clean vs. eating dirty, secret butter powers (including butyrate), spices, booze, oils and Q & A!

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What have you experimented with this week?  What are some of your biggest rewards from self-experimentation?  What is your favorite thing about becoming Bulletproof?




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