Video: What Happens In Your Body When You Eat Ramen And Gatorade

This is as awesome as it is gross. It’s a live video of what happens in your GI tract when you eat processed food vs. “real food.”

The idea of swallowing a camera has been around for a long time, but the increasingly low cost of sensors makes video like this so insanely available.

I swallowed my first biohacker electronics in 1997. It was a TENS unit I ordered from Russia, designed to use electrical pulses to stimulate the growth and healing of the GI tract. It was mildly annoying to feel an electrical tingle every couple seconds for 8 hours as it made its way through my gut…until the little metal pill ran past my siatic nerve. For an excruciating 15 minutes, my entire left leg would kick and hurt every 5 seconds. Fodder for comedy some day, perhaps.

Anyway, spend 4 minutes watching the video below from TEDx Manhattan, and learn why you should eat real food!

What Happens In Your Body When You Eat Ramen And Gatorade.




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